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May 15, 2016

5 Benefits of Bottle Gourd You May Not Have Heard Of

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Bottle Gourd

As much as we dread Bottle Gourd, it oozes of nutrition and health benefits. One of the most ignored vegetables in our Indian kitchens, bottle gourd is known by a variety of names like lauki, doodhi, ghiya, calabash gourd. As bottle gourd contains 96% of water, it is mostly considered for juice extraction. Bottle gourd juice is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, sodium and potassium. From hair to skin, bottle gourd juice helps to upkeep our beauty quotient too. Here are some benefits that bottle gourd juice has to offer.


Drinking bottle gourd juice daily in the morning helps to control premature greying of hair and also tackles the problem of baldness. It also helps in a great way to reduce the discolouration of our natural hair and prevents it from getting frizzy as well which happens due to greying.


Bottle gourd juice works best when it is taken everyday in the morning. This way, it lends a healthy glow to our face and skin, helps to prevent acne and pimples by promoting our inner health and also prevents signs of ageing.


Bottle gourd juice internally cleanses our system, balancing the secretion of oil on our skin and also keeps the pimples at bay. The juice further purifies our blood making it acne free and this in turn adds a glow to our skin, keeping it soft and smooth.


Bottle gourd juice is very famous with people who want to lose weight and are on a strict diet. For making bottle gourd juice, you just have to peel the skin of lauki, cut it into small pieces, add it in a juicer and your juice is ready to be slurped down. It is also known to curb your appetite if you take it regularly in the morning on an empty stomach.


Due to our hectic working schedule we often have to compromise on our sleep. Faulty food habits, late night oil laden food consumption and irregular sleeping hours, all of this makes our sleep cycle go for a toss. Bottle gourd juice works wonders to some extent in treating insomnia. Just mix some sesame oil with bottle gourd juice and apply it on your hair and scalp before hitting the bed for a good sleep.

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