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June 22, 2016

5 Bad Habits That Are Infact Good For You

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“Noooo, don’t you do that!”

“Ewww, that’s just gross!”

“Will you please stop with that? This isn’t a good habit!”

These so-called warnings are a part of our everyday lives. People, especially Moms (though they are so adorable) keep telling us to stop with these habits that are considered bad. But what if someone told them how beneficial they in fact are!? Mommas won’t believe us…

You don’t believe us either? Read on for a change of mind (err, and heart too!)

#1 Fidgeting

Including the dialogue “And stop fidgeting!” from the iconic Julia Roberts and Richard Gere movie PRETTY WOMAN, we hear it during every class in school and it is one of the most strict instructions given before an important interview.

Well, what if someone told them that researches have proved fidgeting with hands and legs can actually help one lose weight? Yep, that’s right! Fidgeting helps burn extra calories and also speeds up metabolism.

#2 Swearing

This is something we have been taught since childhood to never indulge in! It is something we get eyed for and isn’t considered appropriate in a lot of cultures. No one approves of it, not even the Censor Board.

But what if, it actually helps you!? Swearing helps one cope up with stressing some situations. It works as a pain reliever and helps us let it all out!

Not encouraging it, but well, once in a while is okay!

#3 Sleeping Late At Night

You have been awake way more than your bed time!

Early sleeping and early rising is the key to a wonderful life!

Well, well, well. Sleeping a little late won’t do you harm. It actually might help you be less prone to obesity. It has been observed that people who sleep late are less likely to be overweight and also have a better metabolism.

So, the next time you want to stay up for a late night movie or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S rerun, just go for it!

#4 Stressing

We are always told to be calm and relaxed and not really worry about things. But it has been found that people who stress actually have heightened awareness and develop a kind of emotional resilience that help them cope better in tough situations.

You won’t believe, but stressing also, reduces risks of some types of cancers! Stress yourself, but don’t overdo it…

#5 Daydreaming

Don’t we all just love it? Even if we never really want to admit the fact that we spend a lot of time doing this besides the fact we are told not to. Well, you won’t be that guilty daydreaming after you read this.

Daydreaming actually, as per The Sunactivates a part of brain called the ‘executive network’ and this is the part of brain that helps you solve complex problems.

Sooo, dream on you guys!

Hmm… Bad habits don’t seem that bad anymore, do they?  😉

Featured Image Source: www.elitedaily.com

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