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August 27, 2017

5 Awesome TV Sidekicks who are No Less Than The Lead

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Sherlock and Watson

If there is any kind of trouble, there will be a hero, who will save the day. It does not matter how intricate the way to a solution is, the hero will go through all the difficulties and have the way out at the end to save others. Nevertheless, sometimes a hero is trapped in a maze of problems and needs help too. At the time of ominous situations, the sidekicks provide the hero much needed support. We tend to neglect the sidekicks, as the heroes outshine them. This post is especially dedicated to the awesome sidekicks. Here is a list of five sidekicks who help the hero to get away from any terrible circumstances, so they can save the day.

#1 Dr. Watson to Sherlock

There are many screen adaptation of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ by Arthur Conan Doyle. However, the most popular and best one is BBC’s Sherlock. In the show, Dr. John Watson does not only help Sherlock to save the day and has also rescued Sherlock on many occasions. In addition, he gives a good beating to Sherlock when it’s needed.

#2 Robin to Batman

This sidekick helps the superhero to save the people of Gotham from numerous villains. However, the man behind the mask of Robin has changed many times, but the job of him remained the same.

#3 Diggle to Oliver Queen

In CW’s popular show Arrow, Diggle is the sidekick and bodyguard of Oliver Queen aka Arrow. When the hero is the one who needed to be saved, Diggle will always have Oliver’s back. John Diggle did not only save Oliver’s life, he also helps him conceal his superhero identity.

#4 Mike to Harvey Specter

Mike Ross is the sidekick with super power. Well, kind of. He has photogenic memory; he can remember everything he reads. In addition to it, he’s trained by Harvey Specter himself, to be his reflection. With a sidekick like him, Harvey is unbeatable.

#5 Mozzie to Neal Caffrey

Mozzie is the con-artist sidekick of the con artist hero, Neal Caffrey. Mozzie is always there to help Neal selflessly whenever he plans to perform a heist, steal confidential information or counterfeiting bonds and painting. This  geek friend has even lent a hand to the FBI to assist Neal when things went south.

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