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January 22, 2017

5 Audrey Hepburn Movies You Just Cannot Miss

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The 50s were the era of romance and elegance in Hollywood. And the lady who redefined the grace on the silver screen is none other than Audrey Hepburn. Her style, her screen presence, her charisma was so magnetic that we, the girls of 21st centuries, count her as one of our women crushes. If you already have a woman crush on Audrey Hepburn, let’s re-watch these awesome 5 movies of her and if you don’t have a crush on her yet, you need to see these movies as soon as possible:

#1 Roman Holiday
Getting tired of her royal life, Princess Anne runs away from the embassy of her country in Rome and meets charming Joe Bradley. Craving for spending a day like a commoner, away from the duty of a princess, Anne hides her true identity from Bradley. Little does she know, Bradley is a reporter who has already recognized her as the princess, hiding his identity from her in order to do a breaking news on the runaway royalty.
Audrey Hepburn won her 1st Academy Award nomination and also her 1st Academy Award for the portrayal of Princess Anne.

#2 Breakfast At Tiffany’s
This story is about beautiful socialite Holly Golightly who wants to marry off a rich guy. Her life takes a new turn when she meets struggling writer Paul Varjack. Though Holly falls in love with Paul, and Paul for Holly, she is adamant to marry an affluent man. Will she accept her love for Paul or will she marry off a wealthy guy?
This movie made Audrey Hepburn, the fashion icon for girls from every generation. We still drool over her black dress and pearl statement jewelry.

#3 Sabrina
After 2 years living in Paris, when Sabrina returns as a beautiful woman, womanizer David falls in love with her. Sabrina, who always dreamed of being in a relationship with David since she was a little girl, starts a relationship with her dream man. However, David’s older brother, Linus became an antagonist to their relationship. David was engaged to the daughter of a wealthy businessman and breaking this nuptial means a huge loss to their business. In order to keep Sabrina away from David, Linus decides to win her heart. While staging this scheme, he actually falls in love with Sabrina.
Hepburn’s brilliant performance as sweet Sabrina earned her another Oscar nomination.

#4 My Fair Lady
To improve the accent of someone can conclude that person’s prospects in society. Professor Henry Higgins takes in flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, who has a sturdy Cockney accent under his custody to teach her the accent that people from higher class use. Will he be successful turning Eliza in an elegant woman?
Audrey Hepburn won hearts of million people as a simple flower girl and also as an aristocrat woman.

#5 Charade
When Reggie learned her husband was murdered after he stole $250,000, she starts getting threats from three accomplices of her husband. They are convinced she knows where the money is hidden. In this dire situation, she gets help from an unexpected source Peter Joshua, who admits he’s the brother of the fourth accomplice of the crime her husband has committed.
Audrey was nominated for Golden Globe in the category of Best Motion Picture Actress in Musical/Comedy for her portrayal of Reggie.

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