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August 24, 2016

5 Amazing Positive Effects of Music on Us

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Can you ever imagine the world without the beats of the drums or the strums of a guitar? From time immemorial, it has been proved that music has good effects on our health. The reverberation of the sounds aligns the chakras in our body thereby resulting in wellness as well as happiness in our life.  Let’s look at the optimistic effects that music can bring on all of us!

#1 Helps improve verbal plus non-verbal skills

If children from an early age listen to good and soft music then their non-verbal, as well as verbal skills, are polished and developed. It also helps to improve visual communication as well.

#2 Music keeps the brain healthy

Researchers have proved that when we listen to a good dose of music every day then our brains even though aging will remain healthy. Workouts help maintain physical fitness, so also music will help us to sharpen our mental attitude.

#3 Music enhances the mood instantly

Peppy with beats boosts the frame of mind and urges to overlook the vagaries of life. When you listen to music then dopamine (a feel good chemical) is released from the brain and this makes you feel good and happy.

#4 Music helps maintain a healthy blood pressure

When you listen to good music then it will help you maintain a healthy BP level thereby making you healthy, wealthy and elated.

#5 Music helps to get good sleep

When you are pressurized due to your work or stressed too much then you are sure not to sleep well. During such a situation listen to good music and you are sure to get good sleep.


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