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August 28, 2016

5 Amazing Facts About Your Favourite Clothing – Denim!

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Our jeans are almost our best friends aren’t they? We can’t seem to leave the house without them,because honestly they are so convenient, all you have to do is pull them on and leave and nay look becomes complete. More so for a college student who has to spend hours deciding what to wear, the jeans are the safest option for that as well. Don’t you think so? But do you think you know ever thing about your favourite skin fit or boyfriend fit jeans? Maybe not! Here are five facts about your daily wear jeans that you probably did not know.

#1 Washing is the worst thing you can do to your jeans! 

Ideally jeans were supposed to be for work and these jeans were created to withstand everything and also for durability, so the jeans are actually designed to be worn for months without a wash. Might sound unhygienic but it is actually the best thing for your favourite pants. So thing twice before dropping paint of salsa on them the next time!

#2  Jeans were originally called something else.

They weren’t always called jeans; they were called waist overalls! Weird right?

#3  The jeans didn’t always have belt loops!

The belt loops first came into being 1922. I wonder what people with loose jeans did before that?

#4 Till 1934 women didn’t have jeans. So you know how the boyfriend jeans came into being? Because they actually had to wear their boyfriend’s jeans!

#5 The small pocket has a use. The tiny pocket inside your right pocket actually has use and isn’t completely useless! It was meant for pocket watches during the times cowboys wore them. Fascinating right?

So the next time you wear your pair of jeans you know that it’s not just a piece of clothing but a revolutionary and a turn down the path of history.

Featured Image Source: http://www.misspiccolo.com

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