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November 30, 2016

5 2016 Major Events That Changed History Forever

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2016 is almost coming to an end. Like all years before it, this year too was full of ups and downs. While some moments this year made us squeak in delight, some events made us feel sad and dejected. All these moments, all these events have now become a part of the history. But will we remember 2016 with a fond smile or with deep regret? It depends. However one thing for sure, 2016 is a year that history won’t forget.

#5  Zika Virus

World Health Organization (WHO) declared  Zika outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in February 2016. The epidemic, which started in early 2015 in Brazil scared people worldwide, as Zika can cause birth defects as well as neurological problems. A number of countries had issued travel warnings, and concerns were raised regarding the safety and health of the athletes participating  in Rio Olympics. But due to the curative and preventive steps taken by governments worldwide, Zika epidemic has ended.

#4 Brexit

The entire world was shocked when Britain voted to leave the EU, which has been dubbed as ‘Brexit’. The long-term consequences of this move are yet unclear but the tremors of this decision were felt worldwide. EU and Britain still have two years to figure out the terms and conditions of the exit. Not all people in Britain are supporting this move, with Scotland intensifying its demand for independence, as they don’t want to stay in a EU-less UK. Only time will tell if Brexit will actually happen and how it will impact the world.

#3 Ryan Lochte’s Rio Olympics scandal

Ryan Lochte hit the headlines during Rio Olympics. While in the first week it was for all good reasons, the same cannot be said about why he was in news for the second week. In one of the major controversies that surrounded Rio Olympics this year, Lochte and 3 more American swimmers claimed that they were pulled over and robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. But though surveillance video and police reports soon revealed that  the swimmers’ story about being held at a gunpoint was true, further investigations led to Lochte and his teammates being accused of vandalism at the fuel station and were held at gunpoint to repay the damages.

#2 Donald Trump and US Presidential elections

We all laughed when Trump filed his nomination for presidency. When Trump was chosen as the Republican candidate for presidency, we took it lightly. But it was when Trump won the elections that the people realised the gravity of this situation. Trump has been in news for his defamatory and derogatory comments against women. He has termed all Mexicans as rapists and planned to ban Islam from US. While there are a lot of speculations only time will tell how he will lead America.

#1 Rising terror attacks

If there is anything that 2016 will leave with us, then it is the memories of all those attacks and of those who were killed in them. Be it Pathankot, Syria, Brusels, Nice or Orlando, we all have shed tears on all those innocent lives lost. Terror has seen a rise like never before in 2016. To put an end to it, we all need to come together, forgetting our differences, and take a stand against terrorism.

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