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April 22, 2017

4 Steps To Smoother and Softer Feet That You Always Dreamed Of

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Feet are one of the most neglected and ignored part of our body. Dry and rough feet can be quite embarrassing and painful at the same time. For soft, clean, smooth and presentable feet it is very important to take care of the feet properly. So here are some of the ways to keep your beautiful pair of feet clean.

#1 Keep your feet clean

To keep your feet clean, do wash your feet everyday with some warm water and a mild cleanser. You can also add few pinches of salt to warm water and soak your feet. Later apply a thick layer of moisturizing cream to keep your feet from getting dry and cracked. Washing your feet daily will keep your skin clean, and prevent odour, corns, infections, ingrown toenails etc.

#2 Exfoliate and Scrub

Gently scrub your feet everyday with a pumice stone, dead skin cells are removed, further helping you in improving the circulation and having softer feet.

#3 Keep your feet dry

After every wash, swim, shower or whenever your feet gets wet, don’t forget to pat dry them with a clean towel. Not to forget to dry the area in between your toes as well as it is also an important aspect of keeping your feet clean. Always wear clean and fresh socks after washing your feet and do not forget to change your socks daily. Also, apply a layer of nourishing gel on your feet before you go off to bed.

#4 Pedicure

If you think that getting a pedicure treatment once a month was enough, then you are probably going in the wrong direction. If you are suffering from dry and cracked feet, it is recommended that you probably get a hydrating pedicure done, twice in a month. Also, you can get hold of a feet balm which will help in protecting your heels from getting cracked.


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