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November 4, 2016

4 Reasons Why You Must Consult A Dietician

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There have been a lot of friends of mine, who’ve lost weight but not the healthy way. Their rapid weight loss was due to the loss of lean muscle mass, which made them weak and prone to infections. In fact, they looked better and glowed gorgeously, before losing weight and now they look weak and pale. So it becomes extremely important for me to make everyone aware on why you MUST consult a dietician/nutritionist before losing those extra pounds.

#1 It is more than just food

A dietician will guide you on how you should go ahead with your weight loss regime. Food is just a part of it but other things such as which exercise is best for your body, how to control eating out habits, everything is discussed and managed well.

#2 A dietician knows more than you know about food

Usually, people who self-undergo a diet, go on a very low-carbohydrate and low-fat diet that can be harmful. Due to the cut off in food, you’re unable to receive your daily required vitamins and minerals. And that makes you look pale and deficient in vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, vitamin A and D.

#3 And you always forget to include fruits and vegetables

What I’ve seen in people undergoing weight loss with a self-made diet plan is that they emphasize more on protein powder and milk and eggs. And that is where they are making a huge difference. They miss out the vegetables and fruits from their diet and consider it less important, and lose out on a plethora of phytochemicals and vitamins and minerals.

#4 And you make a new friend too!

Don’t think of a dietician as your enemy but as a friend who is worried about you and your health. Being an individual studying to become a dietician, I can guarantee you that I feel really happy when I solve weight problems and feel 10 times happy when they lose weight.

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