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August 20, 2016

4 Movies Funded by Dictators

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Movies by dictators

Dictators try to impose their rules over other people without considering the interests of the subdued. The film industry may seem like a cruel industry sometimes, and directors may be called Dictators as they impose their visions on the crew without waiting for a response. Sometimes, real dictators get attached with the movie industry, and go so far as to finance some movies to further their propaganda.

These are the few movies which were funded by some of the world’s most dangerous dictators:

#4 Lion of the Desert

The Libyan dictator Gaddafi funded ‘Lion of the Desert’ with £24 million but was unfortunately became known for its failure. It was also banned from Italy when the then Italian Prime Minister reported that the movie wounded the honour of the Italian army.

#3 Triumph of the Will

The movie ‘Triumph of the Will’ was funded by the most known and feared dictator in history – Adolf Hitler.  Hitler was marked as the executive producer and the Nazi party financed the entirety of the film. The movie focused on the history and workings of the Nazi Congress party. The director of the movie, Riefenstahl, who lived until 2003, denied that she was part of the Nazi propaganda.

#2 General Idi Amin Dada

French filmmaker Baret Schroeder directed this biographic film of Ugandan dictator General Idi Amin Dada, which the General himself funded. The movie showed the daily life of the General, but failed to exhibit the dark side of the dictator. The funding by the General prevented him from revealing the truth. Therefore, Schroeder made two movies – one shown in Uganda showing the General in favourable light, and the other which was meant for the world and contained thirty minutes of additional footage showing the real truth behind the dictator. When the General learned what had happened, he took 200 French hostages, demanding the director to remove the extended clip.

#1 Pulgasari

This movie was made with the purpose of brain washing North Korean people and was funded by Kim Jong II. In ‘Pulgasari’, the blood of an evil king’s daughter resurrects an angry monster who overthrows the king’s rule. For the purpose of the film, two popular South Korean directors – Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee – were kidnapped and kept apart for five years and then united in 1983 to create ‘Pulgasari’. The duo gained the trust of their captor, Kim, by making the movie a masterpiece. He thus allowed them to travel to Vienna to do research for their next movie. However, the duo sought refuge in the US embassy and thus escaped.

Nevertheless these movies were never made with the purpose of entertainment; they were made under a well formed plan which will make people follow the path shown by the dictator. And many of them used it as a new kind of weapon to gain control over people.

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