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May 2, 2017

4 High Protein Foods for Vegetarians and Vegans

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Normally, we consider animal source food to be rich in protein.  Vegetarian food is low in protein and the intake is almost nil for vegetarians who don’t even consume dairy. But what if I tell you there are certain vegetarian sources which are almost as good as animal source food? These 4 foods are high protein and 100% vegetarian and are

#1 Soybean and soy products

Soy nuggets are famously known as vegetarian meat due to its high protein content. 100gm of soybean has 36gm of protein and soy extract such as nuggets and chunks have over 52gm of protein. But be careful to soak it in two glasses of water and wash them thoroughly before using.

#2 Legumes and pulses

Now these are considered as a vegetarian’s source of protein but since we put a lot of water in our daal we don’t derive much protein from it. To overcome that have sprouted legumes salad, roasted chana, and other variations to have a nice protein-packed milk. Pulses have around 24-25gm of protein per 100gm of depending on the type of pulses and legumes.


#3 Nuts and oilseeds

Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, garden cress seeds, sesame seeds and much more have a nice amount of protein. But since they are calorically dense, the consumption should be kept in control. A handful of them daily will do the magic. According to the type, the protein varies anywhere from 12-15 gm per 100gm of the nut or oilseed.


#4 Green peas

With 7.9gm of protein per 100gm, including green peas in daily cooking can improve the protein content. You could either have a peas salad or add peas to sabzi or rice.


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