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August 23, 2016

4 Healing Properties of Saliva

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Healing properties of saliva

According to Science Daily, saliva or spit is a watery liquid consisting of 99% water, which contains certain enzymes, electrolytes, mucus, potassium, bicarbonate and sodium. It also contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Saliva (spit) is more than just a part of your body which helps to chew the food and swallow it inside. It also aids digestion and helps to keep your mouth moist (don’t we all just hate that feeling when our mouth feels dry?). Saliva is known to have amazing medicinal properties that are surely beneficial for our body. So Hooked Upon brings to you 4 healing properties of saliva.

Disclaimer: These are not permanent solutions and we advise consulting general physician.

#4 Fight Acne

Did you know – morning saliva is the purest with so many enzymes and because of its thick consistency it is beneficial. It is really good for skin. If you notice or feel a new pimple in the morning, then apply your spit on the affected area and leave for about 15-20 minutes.  Make sure you apply it before you brush your teeth or gargle and it will help you fight acne.

#3 Heal Wounds, Cuts and Bruises

The morning saliva is also rich in antibacterial properties. If you notice a cut, insect bite or mosquito bite, then apply it. The healing properties of saliva will result in increased speed of blood clotting mechanism.

healing properties of saliva: wound

#2 Eye Problems

Saliva is good for eyes too. It has 99% water which means it is a useful moisturizer. If you suffer from dry eye and lubricating eye drops is not available, then you may use morning saliva as eye drops. We do suggest you always carry your eye drops and only use spit when in dire need.

Also consult your eye doctor if you have dry eyes as dry eyes can cause corneal scarring and also blindness.

healing properties of saliva: eyes

#1 Protects Teeth

Do you suffer from bad breath problem? We don’t mean to embarrass you but this is a sign of less saliva production. Your saliva also contains proteins and minerals that protect your teeth from tooth decay and gum disease. It also helps in keeping denture in place and cleaning oral activity.

healing properties of saliva: teeth

So make your you drink loads of water to ensure healthy saliva production.

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