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July 25, 2016

4 Funny Memes!

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As soon as we open our Facebook or Instagram right especially after a controversially funny moment that might have occurred, we see our pages filled with jokes and memes related to that. Like the Miss Universe goof up.These memes might make you laugh a lot but did you know there is a story behind most of them and the pictures used are actually of real people. Here are four instances of the most common memes and what they are up to now.

 #1 Bad Luck Brian

This meme is seen commonly used to mock bad luck in the most fortunate of situations. Turns out his name isn’t Brian but it’s actually Kyle and this was meant to be his high school photograph which his principle made him retake as he felt that Kyle was pulling a face in it.

Today Kyle runs a Facebook and YouTube page and addresses his Bad Luck Brian personality whole heartedly.

 #2 Overly Attached Girlfriend

Laina became popular as the Overly Attached Girlfriend after she made a spoof o the song “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, and the lyrics resembled those of a psychopathic girlfriend. Soon memes started circulating all over the internet with funny captions with her face all over it. Laina is actually a normal person and pretty funny too, she runs a YouTube channel and has even gone ahead and been a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.


 #3 Success Kid

This kid is quite the opposite of Bad Luck Brian as he sports a tough looking face with a fisted hand showcasing success. It’s generally used when things go your way no matter what. The then 11-month-old Sammy is today 7 and his face is still plastered everywhere including advertisements.

#4 Okay Guy

So imagine one day you go ahead and get clicked with a celebrity and post it on the internet the next day and instead of you and the celebrity everyone pays attention to this sad sulking man in the background and before you know it, he is derived from your photos and converted into a popular meme, used everywhere as the okay guy.

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