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April 30, 2016

4 Bollywood Remakes of Popular Korean Movies

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ugly aur pagli: Bollywood Remakes

We have records of Bollywood remakes inspired from the movies in Hollywood, UK and many other countries. But the country that gave us Gangnam Style also gave us quite a few movies for Bollywood remakes. Most people have no knowledge about the fact that some Bollywood movies actually have their originals in the Korean Cinema. Unlike the Hollywood remakes, they might not have scored so well at the box office, but they did give us an insight to the Korean movie industry.

Here is a list of four movies which were remade by Bollywood all the way from South Korea.

#1 Ek Villain – I Saw the Devil

Both these movies have a similar story line with the hero’s lady love being killed while he chases the villain who just cannot figure out who or why he is being chased. Striking similarity huh?

Ek Villain: Bollywood Remakes


#2 Awarapan – A Bittersweet Life

This Bhatt production features a well adapted version of the Korean flick where Emraan Hashmi is shown working under an underworld don and is trying to save his mistress from him.

awarapan: Bollywood Remakes


#3 Murder 2 – The Chasers

A very similar plot again, though this movie did well in the box office, it was nowhere close to the original flick. With call girls disappearing and an impotent murderer, this movie has lived by its birth giver.

Murder 2: Bollywood Remakes


#4 Ugly Aur Pagli – My Sassy Girl

Honestly, this movie came and went and no one really realized. But again, this movie featuring Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat revolves around a nerdy guy who falls for a girl who is everything he could never be or never get but they end up together anyway.

Ugly aur Pagli: Bollywood Remakes


In a nutshell, no matter what happens our film fraternity will never fail to fake inspirations from anywhere and everywhere.

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