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October 6, 2016

3 Reasons for The Rise of Sleepless Youth

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Gone are the days when the night was used for sleeping. ‘Insomniac is the new cool.’ The majority of the teenagers either sleep late or don’t sleep at all. From working to partying, they do it all during night. Everything that fits in the circle of technology from cell phones to the internet there is a major cause rather the only cause of insomnia.

The night is a time when we not only remember and regret what we didn’t do today but also, the question ‘what next’ keeps hitting us at night. From friendships to break-ups, we grieve alone in silence during night. Flashbacks of everything and everyone we refuse to think about all day hits us hard in the night time.

It is important to introspect and even good to over-think at times but little do we know the consequences of being up all night.

A wet pillow? Yes, but there’s a lot more to it. Hold on!

Here are a few tips to overpower your insomnia caused just by emotions and not any critical illness:


Do not think too much before sleeping, it breaks your notion. What has not been thought of in the entire day is not worth giving a thought during night. Make sure to sleep in a non-noisy environment with less or no light. It helps you connect better to sleep.


What has been done is done, be it the presentation at the office or a fight with your partner. All you are destroying is your present moment to sleep. In such situations, don’t you think sleeping well and soundly might help you do it again in a better way?

Therefore, look for relaxation and peace of mind. Your mind, eyes and body are equally tired and exhausted. Sleep is essential to restore or to charge them up.


A human brain is most effective during the day time, so kindly shift your brainstorming to your day schedule. Every night thinking upon the same problems and crying over and over again won’t provide a solution. Fighting that weakness and overcoming it will do wonders. Take a step, go to sleep. Postpone worrying every day till the other next day and like this forget about them. Being up all night is not cool guys, we might not get it today but soon the consequences will make us realize what we are missing on. So, change up your schedule, a little change here and there will help not only to sleep you properly but also give a kick ass start to your next day.

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