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August 27, 2017

3 Reasons Why TV Series the Man in the High Castle is a Hidden Gem

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The Man in High Castle

Ever wondered how life would have been had certain things had not happened? Like how life would be, had you confessed your love your love to your first crush, or, how it different life would have been if you were born a decade earlier? Have you ever wondered how the world would have been, had the Nazis won the World War II? Amazon TV’s most popular TV series shows exactly that; a time post World War II in which the Allied Forces won. Sounds interesting, right? Well, there are more reasons than just the plot to watch this amazingly captivating show. Here are some:

#3 The Story:

The ten episodes of The Man in the High Castle will be over in the blink of an eye just due to its sheer beautiful way of storytelling. The series takes you to a captivated America which is ruled partly by the German Nazis and partly by the Japanese. The series takes you through the lives of a few people who are to emancipate their motherland, and on the other hand, the lives of the people who are associated with the state.

#2 Amazing Sets:

It is always difficult to recreate  the world in a series or a movie, and when it comes to recreating an imaginary world which has to seem real, the job gets tougher. But the most expensive series of Amazon TV has been successful in creating the perfect period piece. From an American flag with a Swastika on it, or a bar serving sake( a very popular Japnese rice liquor) or the streets of San Francisco looking exactly like Japan, The Man in the High Castle created a set like no other series!

#1 Love for history:

Alternative history is subject has not quite been dealt with in TV series. The Man in The High Castle took a daring step in dealing the subject and has been successful in executing the task with beauty and precision at the same time. So all of you who have a yearning for the past, all of you who love history, this is the perfect series for you to watch!

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