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November 3, 2016

3 Non Fictions Books That Change The Way We See Life

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Books have been man’s best friends for a long time. Leading us to a path the writer’s written for us, invoking our imagination and starting us on a journey that we never want to end. In today’s time, where gadgets have taken over the paper, there is no complete alternative yet for the love of books that readers have. While some books teach us about the mythology, others make us aware how to work in a society. There are times when books imprint so much in our mind, that they change the way we look life at. Books that leave an ever lasting impression and teach us more than we could ever learn from reality.

#1 Rich Dad Poor Dad

This famous book by Robert T.Kiyosaki enlightens us on momentary issues faced by two fathers, the story questions if love for money is evil or lack of it? Money does bring happiness, but a materialistic happiness that doesn’t lasts too long. The book is an amazing teacher of importance of money matters.

#2 Who moved my Cheese?

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson, teaches us how to face and deal with unexpected changes in life. The story revolves around two mice that live in a maze and find their cheese finishing. While one of the mice dies, the other survives with its sense of adaption to a situation and change in attitude.

#3 The Secret

The book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is based on the law of attraction, power of our dreaming and focusing to achieving a goal so much that we succeed. Shahrukh In Devdas very eloquently says that the entire universe works to make us meet our goal if we truly want it. The dialogue correctly frames the bottom line of this book.

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