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August 27, 2017

3 Long Hair Myths: Busted

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You have known these myths for a long time, but how about knowing that all of them aren’t true?
#1 Trimming has anything to do with hair growth

We’ve often heard some ‘experts’ say that getting a haircut done every 6 months will speed up your hair growth. Here is what actually happens if you follow this:
Everybody’s hair will grow only till a certain level. Some can have knee touching hair or some can only grow it till their waist.
You have a certain length that you’ve kept over say a few years; it is natural for your ends to be a little dry owing to the constant pollution, dirt and chemicals it is exposed to. When you cut the ends (which mean you shorten the hair) and for obvious reasons, it starts to grow back again. You start to believe that the hair stylist had magical hands and since you went for a trim, your hair growth has fastened. The locks would only grow till they reach the level they were at before and stop. Congrats, now you have the same length of hair as you had before.

#2 Different Shampoos have Different Effects

The only difference between shampoos that actually matters is how strong the chemical content is. No amount of ‘Amla’ or ‘lemon’ in it has anything to do with how well it works. A shampoo only cleanses your hair of dirt and oil that accumulates over a few days whereas after wash products are what ACTUALLY have an effect on your hair. You should use a strong shampoo only if you wash your hair once or twice a week and a mild one if you wash your hair every other day. The frequency of washing your hair depends entirely on your hair type and general routine. Constant washing is required when you have an oily scalp or if it is exposed to pollution and dirt often. You could skip shampooing every other day if you have a dry scalp.

#3 Keeping your hair a certain way will promote growth

Braid them, make a ponytail, let them flow, none of these has any direct effect on the ‘Growth’ of your hair. Different hairstyles tug your hair roots differently. Keeping your hair in a tight pony always will pull them in a certain way for long durations, resulting in loosening them from the roots and prone to breakage. One should always keep experimenting with their hair and try new hairstyles only to break out of the monotony and not with the belief that it affects your growth.

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Hope these little tips help you break out of these common myths. Short, long, curly, wavy or straight, just know they are beautiful and YOU are beautiful!

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