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February 3, 2017

3 Beauty Faux Pas to Avoid at ALL Costs

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One may think that beauty faux pas are not applicable to us, since there are new trends coming out everyday, and one can excuse themselves from this faux pas. But, there are certain basic ground rules that you must never ever break, or you will end up looking back at your pictures with an inward cringe. These are 3 beauty faux pas that are absolutely best avoided for life!

#1 Clown Blush



When we say apply blusher to the apples of your cheek, we mean sweep the brush upwards towards your hairline. Absolutely avoid running the blusher in circles on your cheeks, or else you will you like a clown, unfortunately. More importantly, use our guide on what colours suit you best to avoid any beauty faux pas.

#2 Flour Face



Always, always avoid a major beauty faux pas by buying a foundation that is closest to your skin tone. If you cannot find an exact match, create your own blend my mixing two shades. But never ever buy a different shade. And remember, while applying foundation, do not forget your hairline, the corners of your lips, your neck and jawline.

#3 Eyebrow Arches



We’ve all had those times when the parlour aunty made our eyebrows too thin. To avoid this beauty faux pas, find out your ideal eyebrow shape and just remove the excess hair. But never go out with over tweezed eyebrows, or worse, over tweezed eyebrows made thick with eyebrow pencil.

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