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December 26, 2017

11 2018 Fashion Trends Guide

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The year 2018 is just a couple of days away and with this fashion forecasting is on its way. Globally acclaimed fashion designers have already picked up fashion trends which they think will take the coming year by storm. Also, renowned people who eat and drink fashion and style have made their decisions on what to keep and what to reject on world famous fashion shows. Latest fashion has gained momentum in the world of style, and fashion-buffs have started recognizing, predicting and choosing what they are going to keep inside their wardrobe for this year. Keeping all these aforementioned things in mind we bring you a list which will give you desired stuff you need to know and keep pace with the fashion parade that is going to come along with the coming year.

#1 Yellow Color High On Style

It may sound weird to some people but it is the truth that yellow color is topping the list of desirable hues for the coming year. This hue is predicted to be one of the leading choices that ‘fashionistas’ all over the world are considering.

fashion trends 2018 - yellow

#2 Jumpsuits

The year 2017 has witnessed significant craze for the jumpsuit and this is going to continue for the coming year as well. For each body type, jumpsuit has looked elegant and has not asked for killing workout sessions. A simple and easy-breezy wearable, the jumpsuit is going to be the staple item for your wardrobe.

fashion trends 2018 - jumpsuits

#3 Denims Over Denim

Denim is something that is going to stay forever. There has not been a time when denim is considered out of fashion. Denim jackets over denim tops paired with ripped denim pants or denim skirts is going to be one of the major fashion trends.

Fashion Trends 2018 - Denim over Denim

#4 Sheer Dresses

Yes, sheer dresses are the ones that grab eyeballs more than any other dress. The best thing about sheer dress is that can it give an edge to your old outfit.

fashion trends 2018 - sheer dress

#5 Mashed-Up Prints

The coming year will see a lot of mashed-up print dresses. Fashion trends of 2018 will see a lot of pink and other mixed-up prints in the spring-summer collection of top fashion weeks. In fact, in 2017, prints gained a fair amount of popularity. The expectation and demand for prints are even higher in 2018!

fashion trends 2018 - mashed print dresses

#6 Asymmetrical Neckline Outfits

Have you noticed Isabel Marant, and Prabal Gurung sporting imbalanced silhouette? If you want to keep up with fashion and style in 2018, then forget common necklines. Its time to sport outfits with asymmetrical necklines.

fashion trends 2018 - asymmetrical necklines

#7 White Suit

In the recent years, women pantsuit has become quite popular. One of the most popular fashion trends is going to white suit in 2018.

fashion trends - white suit

#8 Fringe

Fringe has made its way in all forms. Globally acclaimed fashion stars, actresses and models have embraced fringes and looks like in 2018, fringe will stay. From tops to dresses, in 2017, fringes captured most of the outfits. This is one of the fashion trends we hope to see more in 2018.

Fringe Dress


#9 Parachute Belts

Give an edge to your outfit and strap it with parachute belt. It will take your street fashion several notches high in style.

Parachute Belts


#10 Puff Dresses

Clothes with puffs is gathering attention quickly. Famous fashion bloggers are giving great attention to this style and according to their fashion forecasting; puff dresses are going to be a major trend in 2018.

Fashion Trends 2018 - Puff Dresses

#11 Micro Minis

They are all-time favorites and a common name to be heard when one talks about fashion and style. Micro minis is one of the fashion trends that is here to stay. Get yourself prepared for shorter lengths of skirts and shorter hemlines.

fashion trends 2018 - Alia Bhatt

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