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August 23, 2015

17 Inspirational Tattoos which are Sexy AF

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Inspirational Tattoos - Curves

For some, tattoos are a way to express who they are as a person. For others, it’s just a form of art. Then there are some who don’t like the idea of a tattoo altogether; they feel the novelty will wear off after some years.

I’m all for tattoos. I just love the concept, but I don’t like to flaunt it to the world. The fact that it’s a personal thing, makes it special for me. For all those who share the same feeling, consider these ideas for placement and design.

We bring forward 17 Inspirational Tattoos which are hotter than the tropics and are a complete treat to your personality!


#1 Matching hip tattoos for couples who think alike. 

Fall and stay in love like this, forever.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-nyu.hu

#2 On the rib cage.

You are sexy and you know it, so just show it.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credits-DotsToLines

#3 A feather between the rib cage and the side-boob.

Yes, Believe that you are delicate and light as a feather. Do not let anyone crumble you.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-Bangbangnyc

#4 Flowers on the thigh.

Can florals ever go out of fashion? Ever?

inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-Inked Sheldon Ernest/ Pinterest

#5 An elephant on the upper-thigh.

Yes, strong is the only option left to be in this world where everyone wants to pull down your leg.

inspiartional tattoos

Pic Credit-Sarah Iza/ Pinterest

#6 Unicorn on the shin.

If you think Unicorn is your spirit animal, then show it to the world and always keep it close to you.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-memes.com

#7 Hidden hip tattoo.

Some beauty is just for you and no one else.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-Kim Saigh Tattoos

#8 The shoulder blade tat.

This is the most pretty thing, you will ever have.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-viral posts.ninja

#9 The under-boob is quite a trendy place to get something done.

If you have thought about it, then go for it.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-DotsToLines

#10 Hidden garter tat.

Does it look like a lace accessory? Yes, it may. And it is stunning.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-Lisaorth.com

#11 Another one for the side-boob.

Believe in the fact less is sexier. Even though you can’t flaunt it at least you have it.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-Dr Woo Tattoos/ Pinterest

#12 What does the fox say?

This is one of the cutest things you will ever get inked.

Inspiartional tattoos

Pic Credit-Sasha Unisex

#13 Below the belt.

These are the inspirational tattoos for a reason.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-DotsToLines

#14 Rib cage.

Why should women have all the fun? This area can be of men too.

Inspirational tattoos

Pic Credit-postaaki.com

#15 Personal enough for others not to see. Unless you want them to.

As I said, less is sexier.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-banoosh.tv

#16 A simple shoulder tat.

Something very positive and inspirational must say.

Inspiarational tattoos

Pic Credit-Işılay İri/ Twitter

#17 An artistic design from Dots to lines.

This is my favorite.

Inspirational Tattoos

Pic Credit-DotsToLines

These were the most stylish and the most inspirational tattoos for everyone who loves getting inked. They are literally out of the box and you will cherish them life long and will never get bored. So, which inspirational tattoos do you think will suit you best? Or still, need ideas? Check out 19 Literary Tattoos If You’re a Bookworm!

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