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August 27, 2015

16 Beautiful Moments That'll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Our world, to be honest, is turning upside down real quick. By that, I mean the way people have been treating their fellow human beings. Hurting and killing in the name of religion and peace really makes you wonder if you’d want to bring up a new life in a place like this. There’s not a single day that goes by without something upsetting happening. That’s another thing, right? How will news channels survive if they don’t have at least one ‘shocking’ piece of shit news to share? Maybe that’s why we are exposed to more bad news.

So if you have been feeling as disillusioned as I have, these little stories will bring a smile to your face and restore your faith in humanity. We DO have hearts of gold among us; the only unfortunate bit is that they often go unnoticed.

#1 Passengers and train staff come together as they push a train coach to rescue a trapped woman at the Minami Urawa station.

Faith In Humanity
#2 This awesome Subway franchise.

 Faith In Humanity
#3 This chair of bones with a heart of gold!

Faith In Humanity
#4 This human rescuing puppies from the flood.

Faith In Humanity
#5 An amazing response to one of the cutest letters ever.
Faith In Humanity
#6 This Afghani man offering tea to American soldiers.
Faith In Humanity
#7 This family providing free electricity to people on the street.
Faith In Humanity
#8 These guys making sure everybody enjoys the show.
Faith In Humanity
#9 What a story!
Faith In Humanity
#10 No matter how tough you are, an act of humanity like this is bound make you teary eyed.
Faith In Humanity
#11 When people of Pune got together to save the life of two youths who met with a terrible accident.
Faith In Humanity
#12 When a terminally ill champion lived his dream for a day.
Faith in Humanity
#13 When a traffic constable helped a disabled man climb the top of Egmore Bridge in Chennai.
Faith In Humanity#14 This randomly beautiful gesture.
Faith In Humanity#15 This kid making sure his friend doesn’t go around on an empty stomach.
Faith In Humanity
#16 This lioness remembering and hugging the kind man who rescued her.
Faith in humanity-Humanity

Humanity does exists and these small unreported gestures prove that why we should have faith in humanity and after all World is not such a bad place! These amazing images have been sourced from this Quora thread.

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