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August 11, 2016

15 Ways Joey Proved to be Our Spirit Animal

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Joey Tribbiani

Everyone knows who Joey Tribbiani is and the flirty character from the classic TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is cherished by all. He is weird, fun, definitely has his priorities straight (you know, sandwiches before all), and just represents our emotions so perfectly.

Joseph Francis Tribbiani is a completely perfect example when someone asks who our spirit animal is, so take this article and shove it in people’s face when they say “Tell us a little about yourself.”

#1 When people ask how we don’t care about things

It’s very simple indeed!

#2 Because he knows he’s hot and likes it.

What’s not to like?

#3 It is very clear he has his priorities very straight

Yes, please don’t; if you want your head to be attached to your body.

#4 100% straight

That’s right!

#5 When he didn’t know what was going on

Because even we don’t know what’s going on half the time.

#6 When he was trying to be subtle

You mean to say that it’s obvious? What’re you saying? That’s not possible.

#7 Also, no matter what, FOOD ALWAYS COMES FIRST

What do you mean I should just let my sandwich go to waste?

#8 There is no explanation needed for this because PIZZA!


#9 And when he was clear that he always puts his friends first

Yes, the people in the pizza place are my friend, you gotta problem with that?

 #10 When he got symbolic in his own weird way

Being symbolic is our life mantra.

#11 When he got mad for no apparent reason

You always have you watch your tone!

#12 When it was clear that he is not judgmental and is very open-minded

#13 When he was confused about which is better

Honestly, it’s a never ending battle.

#14 When nothing was going to come between him and his candy

Because candy is the way of life!

#15 He is concerned about how everyone is doing

Seriously, who the hell wouldn’t be?

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