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November 6, 2016

15 Things That Happen When You Shift To A New City

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Packing up bags and memories is not the only thing you have to do while shifting your base to a new city. No matter if you are moving to a city that you are already acquainted with or something which is completely alien for you, the process would be difficult and exhausting in all possible ways. Check out a few things that you will experience in the process of moving out to a new city

#1 Emotions 

For a person who is moving out for the first time, the process will be emotionally draining. You would find people talking about how much they will miss you and your family getting teary eyes at every possible time.

#2 Packing

Packing is what you think of day and night. You make and check the lists of things to pack time and again to make sure you don’t miss on anything. What to pack and what to leave behind puts you in a big dilemma.

#3 Keeping Yourself Updated about the City

You suddenly start reading news about that place and have an urge to know everything that’s going on in that city. The travel options, popular areas, eateries or the grocery rates, you suddenly know it all.

#4 The Feeling Of Independence

The process of day dreaming starts as soon as you know you are shifting to a new place all by yourself. Your new life, responsibilities and plans starting flooring up and that is nothing less than exciting.

#5 Shopping 

You have your shopping lists ready all the time. Although everything is available everywhere but hey, why not already buy stuff you’ll surely need there!

#6 Finding a House

Although the internet has made it easy but finding a good house in a new city is still a big deal to worry about. Locations, rates, deposits are a few things you are worried about.

#7 The feeling of out of place

Yes this will happen! You will be lost of would feel isolated for a few initial days. This may make you homesick as well.

#8 Missing that someone special

Long distance sucks and the feeling of moving away from that someone special and your friends will be a torture.

#9 Making New Friends

If you are in introvert, god helps you in the process of making new friends. Remember it will be tough, very tough!

#10 Doing Domestic Work 

Now if you have been a pampered child, this will be a reality check for you. Doing everything by your own and getting stuff managed is going to be big deal.

#11 Cultural Differences 

Moving to a city bigger and modern than yours can be daunting when you see cultural differences. You would find things and people strange and that might come as a shock.

#12 Language Barrier 

New language, new slangs and new voice tone, learn that all my friend. It is going to make it easy for you in this new world.

#13 Personal Growth 

With the sense of responsibilities and by living all by yourself you grow as a person and become mature and selfless.

#14 Financial Crisis 

You will have to pay the bills and manage living on a budget as soon as you shift to a new city. And those bills for everything have to be paid!

#15 Hope you get used to all this

Time teaches you everything and hopefully soon you’ll start loving the city and find yourself belong there.

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