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September 30, 2015

15 Misconceptions All Humans Have And Would Be In Bliss Without

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Spoiler alert: Life comes with no handbook. The only way around this predicament could be that over the course of our self-absorbed lives, we formulate the lessons we’ve learnt into a precious guide of sorts. But that’s impossible, because there’s something to learn from everything. And that is just way too much information for our already addled heads.

But how about a bargain? Let’s focus on the things we keep needing to re-learn. Because for some inexplicable reason, we have a REALLY tough time accepting the following.

So here’s your handbook – in reverse!

1. You are the center of the universe

You’re not. You’re the center of your own universe, which is different from Tom’s universe. It’s also different from Dick’s. And miraculously, it’s a long shot from Harry’s.



2. Hard work results in success overnight.

Nope. There’s no measure to success. Focus on the work, do it diligently, and success will follow. And once you think it’s arrived, know that it’ll be passe the next day. On to the next one (goal)!



3. Happiness comes from external causes

Happiness comes from within. Don’t base your happiness on your job or your relationship. Work on being happy and positive from within. And then watch it reflect on everything you do.


Bill Waterson

4. Forever

Nothing lasts forever on its own. You’ve got to work hard towards forever. But it’s elusive, because forever is like tomorrow – it never comes.



5. Everyone gets what they deserve

The good die young. The bad seem to be thriving. You work hard but you still haven’t been promoted. Ideally speaking, everybody is probably eventually getting what they deserve, but you never get to hear about it. So for all practical purposes, everyone does not get what they deserve.

6. You need a passion to live life

You don’t need a passion to live life. You need passion to live life. Let passion be the way you do everything you do.



7. Your career is defined by what you study

What you study in school/college probably says a wee bit about you. But it definitely doesn’t define you.

8. If you achieve X, Y and Z, your life will be set.

The more you achieve, the more you’ll want. Seriously, the demands? They keep adding up, and before you know it, you’re depressed and feel inadequate.



9. Your life is your resume

Correction – your resume is a part of your life. And your life is so much more than that.

10. Life will get easier as you grow up

It’s not really easy or difficult. It depends entirely on the lens you look at life with. If you’re whiny and a classic procrastinator , it’s going to be difficult. If you’re on the ball, chances are you’ll just be more prepared for things. Which could make things easier.



11. If you’re not a part of the rat race, you’re not doing enough.

There’s SO much more to life than just your career and how much money you make. Chin up!

12. Work hard now and you can have fun later.

It’s not a compromise. Work hard and have a good time at the same time. There’s no point turning into a pressure cooker. Work hard but be sure to enjoy yourself as well.

13. Being alone is the worst thing on earth

It’s not. Being alone is a great opportunity for soul searching and discovering more about yourself.



14. You live only once.

You do, at least in the physical sense. But not if you really think about it. As you trudge through the various phases of life, you change and develop as a person, and have an entire array of experiences. Each one just adds a different layer to life.

15. There is a prize at the end.

There is no grand prize at the end of it all. Your entire life is the prize, so focus on making the most of it.

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