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February 8, 2017

14 Ways How Italy Will Make Her Fall In Love All Over Again

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Italy will make you love again

You might get lucky this valentine as she is going to fall in love with you, again may be, all you have to do is – Do Italy this year! Certainly the most romantic place in this planet where your heart will tune in the medley of intense love with your better half. No matter, whether she is your girlfriend, Date or spouse – these 14 steps towards Italy with her will make your 14 February special and momentous than you ever expected. Italy, serves breathtaking lakes, soulful islands, adorable cities, picturesque landscapes, city of art,architecture and explicit Italian cuisine with addictive street food and everything else, magical and platonic that pull her towards you. Bath under the shower of magic and transcendence in Italy where you will get feel of togetherness.

#1 Vanish to the Venice with her

Venice is most panoramic and astonishingly beautiful city of Italy where you just don’t need anything to make her closer to you else. The natural beauty pumps romance in the air where you suppose to take her to popular Gandola rides. Whole city is adorably connected with waterways, just hold her hands, get a ride and feel the chance to witness  scenic landscapes of Venice.  Venice turns more glorious in nights , Italian street music  and all explicit classic cuisine. This backdrop , Venice and you -How this will not make her heart fall for you ,for ever!

#2 Date with moment of love in Florence

Florence , the city of classic architecture and renaissance  – the perfect Italian destination where you both feast on each others love. You can feel the mystical magic and tranquility of space that let you both connect. Just, stay at hotel for longer time, don’t get hurried to leave hotel room. The nights at Florence are beautiful than days. Florence unwrap both the natural beauty as well human crafted beauty which  can make you skip your one heartbeat. Glaze the beauty of Uffizi gallery, praise the incredible masterpieces of great artists. Florence restaurants already look like some romantic film’s background, where having a wine and godface Italian pizza  will be so much to put. Wander, Explore and Just dissolve in streets, galleries and alleyways of Florence. If you can steal some time from each other, do visit Pisa tower! You can enjoy  scenic journey of train or bus to Pisa there but don’t miss the night of Florence, it’s mystically beautiful.

#3 Do Rapid romantic excursions- exploring unexplored heavens of Italy

Italy is full of surprises in form of their numerous unexplored cities that is like hidden gem. The moment you thought Italy can be just this sensuous, romantic, amazing or add whatever adjective you want- it will surprise you again with some another marvelous city.  Explore the fishing and coastline village  Portofino – vibrant and colorful houses near harbor. You can do fishing and boat ride, and visit the art exhibition in fortress cum mesuem of Castello brown. If you are not satisfied with small boats – go for jumbo yatches ! There are so much exploration behold in small towns and villages of Italy , just like the unexplored ends of your relationships that will unlock here.

#4 Romance in Rome

Rome is synonym for romance, actually! See the cobble stoned streets, picturesque galleries , classic and vibrant architecture, grand castles and monuments, fountains, sensuous evenings and heaven of food. Its just incomparable and spectacular  -perfect for budding romance. You can see the history, art and culture meeting together. Travel to antique, classic and historic places – the Roman gem of architecture,Trastevere, San’t Angello, Trevi Fountain , Piazza Navona and so much to put in your checklist. Devote more days to Rome, Florence  and Venice – most romantic cities on the face of earth. Have a romantic walk, enjoy sunset and explore the Italian cuisine. Rome is best place for honeymooners and love birds, yes! The best.

# 5 Shop & Explore the Fashion City Milan

Fashion city and surely the city of art,food and chics. You can feel the vibrance  of Italian magnificence here with diverse fashion and lifestyle  brands that beautiful women crave for. Surprise her ! Shop her the most beautiful dress that make her like princess. A little bribe of shopping in love has great deal in relationship and will do the magic. Shop world’ most glamorous and classic malls at  Galleria Vitttorio Emanuele and explore world class brands in Golden Triangle. You cannot miss the most popular -The Last supper of Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s mural. The 16th century cathedrals, most luxurious restaurants and city of art and culture. Milan has everything which  is larger than life. It speaks greatest of lifestyle and brand, not in what you wear or eat also in way of living.

#6 Food is the way to heart – Feast in Italy

The country who give the world- Pizza ! What else proof you want. It is heaven for foodies. You may heard that belly is the way to heart,It’s true! Explore the street food of Italy –  in Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence and other numerous cities where immense and diverse street food and Italian cuisine is waiting for you. Florence is pool of delicious dishes – like Schiacciata, Ribollita, Pappardelle and Lampredotto. Rest the popular ones as Gelatto, Wine , Pizza and Olive oil – Nothing you can  spare. The Italian restaurants serves the multi cuisine of italy, variety of thin crust pizza and dishes of italian spices. This Place is paradise for Pizza and cheese lovers! Just fuel your soul, not only stomach!

#7 Come closer – to the Italy Also

Get to know about Italy, the more you know , more you fall in love with the place. Travel to undiscovered places, roam around streets, do road trips, hiking, get a photoshoot in Rome , taste whatever and wherever  you can. All fun is there- just a step towards it.  Watching films and travel videos about Italy will make you more inclined about it,before you travel.

#8 Tie a knot, marry her 

Italy  is surely the best place which can bond you together towards eternity. When there is so romance and blessing in air, Italy  can gift you the never forgettable moment of you and her’s . The world class and high profile wedding destinations are in Italy and so experiment as in surprise you can add to your wedding here. It’s on you, how surprising,unexpected and splendid your wedding could be and rest believe on Italy.

#9 Classic escape to the Tuscany

Have a crazy getaway in Lucca -it is actually a town of castles. Get a bike and hit the streets. Plus Lucca can really great spot for day trip and picnics. And then there is another gift city in Tuscany, is San Gimignano. Yes, little chewy to pronounce but its a great ancient medieval hill town which is surrounded by 13th century wall. Whole city is enriched in towers, monuments, castles, great architecture, hills ,fountains and classic old houses that is worth your love.

#10 Purpose her in the most beautiful castles of Italy

Italy is of course, so glamorous, spectacular and landscapic – all due to the immense diversification of grand and amazing monuments, breathtaking architecture and fabulous castles that can make you feel grand and royal.  Dating on those historic castles will make your love eternal just like those fables and love stories.  There are four must-travel castles- however, you can painfully choose among them, if you have less time to travel. See the greenery surrounded grand Belfort Castle, Castel dell’Ovo in Naples peninsula ,Argonese castle  or visit the best where even Tom cruise get married- the Castello Orsini-Oderscalchi. Just take her one of the castles and give it a shot – purpose her. Rest leave everything to those magical castles!

#11 Getaway to the Italy Islands – Capri, Cinque Terre & Sorrento

Go missing in the most remarkably romantic and pleasant city  of Italy – all the secret beaches, the Capri town, lover’s arch, romantic restaurants, cliffs and mansions , and what not! This is the best escape you both can have. Get one of those luxurious yachts and cruises and enjoy the open breakfast under the sky and above the sea. Sorrento and Capri – they are considered and recommended by avid travellers , couple bagpackers and honeymooners. There are perched cliffs, hotels and restaurants where the view is incredibly amazing. These places feel you more intensive and closest ever. Marina Grande port or the Capri town both are greatest attraction of there. Colorful fishing boats are really tempting and just boat to the rock in the sea – the lover’s arch.

#12 You cannot afford to miss these Italian cities with her

Italy needs a bucket list of cities as anything left behind can be point of regret later. Enlist the most gorgeous cities where the landscape and views are to the heaven. And actually, if you are visiting again to Italy, This can be more interesting to look out for new places.  Monterroso al Mare , in Cinque terre popular for river coastlines, colorful villages, harbors, boats and is great for hiking. Resting in Monterroso is quite peaceful , far from crowdy areas , just two of you and glasses of wine. Simply beautiful. Da Elrado resturant is must visit on Ligurian Coast where the scenic breakfast is something that nothing to compare with.  Amalifi coast , sorrento, Bologna, Verona, and on and on – It will be hard to miss out any and at a same time, also hard to travel everywhere at once. Italy is little tricky! Just as love, isn’t it?

#13 Romantic restaurants where you can open your heart to her

Puglia is not only the great escape but also have one most romantic restaurant in the planet named Grota Palazzees , immense popular among couples. The view, delicious food and explicit and devour dishes will take your breath. Florence also has greatest number of restaurants which are simply pleasant and peaceful to eat there. Open Collona and All’Oro of Rome is luxurious ,classic and one of the most popular places to date. Rooftop restaurants, open sky dating, glazing stars and platonic moments -all the way to dates that you remember forever. Positano’s La Sponda is truly gorgeous and great place to dine with candles, multi-cuisines and adorable environment.

#14 Italy Honeymoon & Repeat – Ditch the work, Extend the stay

Hopefully, you will get that Italy is not one time thing and it is beyond the imagination and expectancy. Don’t be one of those boring couples that hit only the popular and obvious. Repeat your honeymoon, next year and extend the stays. Whenever, you feel the romance and intensity is lacking between you two, Italy is always there for you. Relive and Revive the spark!

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