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September 9, 2016

14 Signs indicating that you have found your BFF

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Don’t we all just love our bffs?

Thank god for creating the one person who is probably more important than our bf or gf. I shudder to even think of a world without my bff. All of us have a bond with them which neither time nor distance can break. Plus, we all have crazy stories with them ‘cuz you know, we all love a bit of crazy in our lives. So sit back with your bffs and enjoy this post!

#1 You guys have a dictionary of your own! You come up with all sorts of words and only you both know what they truly mean.

#2 You can basically show your level of craziness in front of them, to the point where you date a fictional character! And they just never ever judge you! Aren’t you glad you that you found them?

#3 You are the Mozart of insults when you insult each other!

#4 There is almost a telepathic agreement on the finalists for the ‘I Hate List’

#5 You never fail to embarrass each other in front of other people, you look forward to it

#6 You ask them what to wear before going out and they come up with lost relics of your wardrobe which you never even knew belonged to you!

#7 You can talk to them about literally anything and not be labelled as pervert, creep, greedy or nosy

#8 You have had countless soul exploring midnight sessions

#9 You don’t need any kind of tech to remember their phone number

#10 You have passed notes countless times in class and have been caught at it countless times!

#11 You know more about them than you know about yourself and can write a book about them

#12 You regularly threaten them about exposing their secrets! That’s just plain evil!

#13 You are more comfortable at their place than at your’s!

#14 And don’t forget about those silly pictures you take.

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