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June 14, 2016

13 Ways Pakalu Papito Makes You Feel Good About Yourself!

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Pakalu Papito

Laughing every day can help you burn 10-40 calories and can help you lose weight, however, we take so much stress in our daily lives that we forget to laugh and smile. Pakalu Papito is here to your rescue. This anonymous Twitter user posts regular tweets that you can relate to any day but will crack you. We bring some of his best tweets but we are sure you will get hooked to his account after reading these.

Who is Pakalu Papito?

He’s an Indian by origin but haven’t come to the country since a long time. He’s a little bit shy and weak at English. He claims to work for an IT firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He joined twitter as a challenge from his friends that he wouldn’t cross 5000 followers for $10000. He won the bet and supposedly invested the money to buy the gas station.

What started as bet amongst friends has become one of the funniest Twitter accounts. After you read some of his hilarious tweets; we bet you will be soon following Pakalu Papito’s Twitter account.

#13 Eye Rolls

#12 Become a Richie on bed

        i wish laying in bed all day made me rich — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) June 1, 2016

#11 Exercise vs Nap

#10 Aching Thoughts

        my head is hurting because i thought about my future for 0.3 seconds — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) May 25, 2016

  #9 Like By Crush



#8 Do’s and Don’ts

     what i should do: • work out • eat healthier what i don’t do: • work out • eat healthier — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) February 22, 2016

  #7 Mis-Tweets

#6 Awkward Life



  #5 Selective Participation

        lazy is such an ugly word i prefer the term selective participation — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) November 25, 2015

#4 My Own Jokes

        if u see me smiling in public it means im laughing at the jokes i tell myself in my head — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) February 14, 2016

  #3 Problems and Calories

       I wonder how many calories I burn when I run away from my problems — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) October 2, 2015

#2 Ghost Company

          If you are lonely, dim all lights and put on a horror-movie. After a while it won’t feel like you are alone anymore. — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) January 13, 2016

 #1 Best Joke- My Life

       im naturally funny cause my whole life is a joke — pakalu papito (@pakalupapito) March 8, 2016

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