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August 16, 2016

13 Shocking Superstitions Around the Globe

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superstitions around the world

Well most people today will consider superstitions as utter nonsense. With the advancement of science and more and more people getting educated, superstitions are now considered a thing of the past. However it may surprise you that there are still parts of the world where people strongly hold on to some strange superstitions and follow them to this day. Here are 13 such bizarre superstitions from all across the globe which still hold good.

#1Watching an Owl – Egypt

In Egypt owl sighting is considered to bring bad luck, as it is believed that it can bring bad news to the person who sees or hears the bird.

#2 Broken dishes – Denmark

People of Denmark collect broken dishes all round the year, to through them at the houses of their friends and families. The recipients consider the pile of broken dishes to bring good luck and whoever has the largest pile, is considered to be very lucky.

#3 Tuesday, the 13th – Spain

In Spain, people consider Tuesday the 13th and not Friday the 13th to be unlucky. Tuesday is called “Martes” in Spain which is derived from Mars and Mars in Middle Ages was called “little devil”.

#4 Number 4 – China

Number 4 is China is considered to be very unlucky because it sounds a lot like Death. Such is the fear that some buildings even refuse to have a fourth floor.

#5.Empty bucket – Russia

Carrying or even seeing an empty bucket in Russia is considered to bring bad luck. This association is probably derived from the fact that Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by a man using empty bucket.

#6 Spiders – Finland

People in Finland believe that killing a spider brings rain. This belief exists in some other part of the world too.

#7 Sitting on pillows – Malaysia

In Malaysia people consider that sitting on a pillow would cause your backside and bottom to get sores and boils.

#8 Saying cheers with water – Germany

It is considered as a bad luck if people cheers with water in Germany as it is said to wish death for everybody present there.

#9 Singing at the dinner table – Netherlands

In Netherland if you sing at the dinner table, it means you are invoking the devil to the dinner and this can bring you bad luck.

#10 Letting your purse touch the floor – Brazil

It is considered a bad sign if your purse or wallet touches the floor. The common belief is that this can make you poor.

#11 Fans – South Korea

Many people in South Korea are afraid to sleep with their fan on in a closed room, as they believe it can kill them. If they do sleep at all they usually keep their windows cracked.

#12 Thunder God of Japan

In Japan, children are warned to cover their stomach during thunderstorm, especially while they are sleeping. If not then the Thunder God of Japan called Raijin will eat up their belly button.

#13 Bananas in Vietnam

Student can be very superstitious, especially during exams. In Vietnam, a very popular belief is that Students should avoid bananas if they are about to give exams. It is because bananas are slippery and the word “slip” sound very similar to the Vietnamese word “fail”.

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