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March 22, 2016

13 Intriguing Facts About Water on World Water Day

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World Water Day

I still remember those days when my mother used to wake up early and fill buckets and tubs with water to ensure that there was no shortage during the day. Gone are those days when we used to conserve water. In the last few years, the urban dwellers of India have become careless. The condition is not the same in rural parts of India. Because of drought, farmers are committing suicide. To fetch water and manage a household, in certain parts of India men are engaging in polygamy. Women still have to walk miles every day to fetch water. It is the World water day and let us know some interesting facts about our lifeline and that is water.

To help increase consciousness regarding genuine water problems the World Water Day is held on March 22nd every year. The initiative is to make people think twice before wasting water. HookedUpon brings you 13 intriguing facts centered around water on the World water day that will help you become extra cautious. And we bet you that these facts are not only intriguing but somehow they are very sad on the part of mankind.

#1 Even though 70% of the earth is covered with water a mere 1% is accessible for human use.

#2 More than 1 billion people do not have any access to fresh and safe drinking water.

#3 320 million people do not have any access to clean and fresh drinking water in China.

#4 40% of the surface water in China is believed to be polluted.

#5 About 20% of the groundwater which is used as drinking water in the urban areas of China is unhygienic, at times with carcinogenic dangerous chemicals.

#6 Every year, around 840,000 people die because of water borne diseases.

#7 A child is left to die every minute due to diseases linked to water.

#8 About 2,300 people every day die due to diarrhea.

#9 To reduce hunger and poverty around the world, we need to have access to clean water which will improve food production.

#10 Around 90% of the World’s fresh water is found in Antarctica.

#11 2900 gallons of water is required to make a single pair of jeans!

#12 The poor population living in the urban areas of Nairobi pay 10 times more than the ones in New York for water.

#13 Around 30% of drinking water goes waste because of leakage problems. This results in economic loss of $14 billion dollars annually.

Were not these facts about water totally shocking? I agree they were. But, that is the truth which we have to deal with. It is truly said that the World War III can happen only for water and not for land and we wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happens. We need to understand that we must save water and seriously work on this Global issue.

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