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October 7, 2015

13 DIY Ideas To Recycle Beer Bottles

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One thing that’s certain in life is that it’s moving at a fast pace, and everything that we love is getting more expensive with each passing year. Take beer, for instance. I can still recount the days when a bunch of us from school would go to pick up pints of beers from the local wine shop for as little as 20 bucks. But the worst thing of all is having beer or any alcohol in a plastic cup. The cost of glasses are outrageous and I cry every time I see a scratch on my precious glasses.

A low cost solution I came across was to recycle beer bottles. These ideas are simple DIY ideas to do at home and just need 4 hours of your weekend. So take out your superglue gun and get ready to recycle beer bottles.

#1 Wine Glasses

You can flame cut the bottle, sand it down nicely, and glue the tops to the bottom! Voila, you have yourself a brand new wine glass.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Etsy / BoMoLuTra

#2 Cocktail Glasses

If cocktails are what you crave for, simply cut the bottle slightly closer to the bottom and make yourself the perfect rocks glass. Never thought  DIY ideas to do at home could be so easy right?

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via tumblr / raagandbone

#3 Simple Pint Glasses

If you just need a pint glass, and aren’t too picky with the glass, then large beer bottles are the best way to go about it.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Instructables / TheLearnedGentleman

#4 Tall Wine Glass

You can construct one quite easily by simply removing the top of a bottle and placing it on the bottom with some glass adhesive.This is my favourite because it’s very chic and one of those easy DIY ideas to do at home .

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via The Craft Star

#5 Customized Cocktail Glass

With beer glasses, always try and be creative.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Artech Studios

#6 Gold Leaf Tumblers

Just because it’s DIY, doesn’t mean it can’t be gorgeous. These gold leaf tumblers are perfect for a fancy occasion and could house any number of your favorite signature cocktails.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Uncommon Goods / Nanda Soderberg

#7 Mojito Glass

The prettier the bottle, the better the glass, obviously. Like this one, the perfect mojito glass.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-Protect the Planet

Here’s how you  DIY beer bottle. Easy , right?

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via designboom / Beyza Paksin

#8 Aluminium glasses 

Budweiser did come out with special aluminium bottles. If you have them, or can arrange them from somewhere, they are perfect for the clumsy kinds, like myself. Unbreakable , and one of the most efficient ways to recycle beer bottles!

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Instructables / hpstoutharrow

#9 Tumbler

Versatility is the key here.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via The Craft Star

#10 Tapered Beer Glasses

You can have your glasses blown with a slight flare. The tapering effect is perfect for maintaining head and showcasing colour.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via drinkstuff

#11 Tall Beer Glasses

Stange glass is recommended for those dry summer nights. Beautiful tall beer glasses so you can enjoy your brew while they’re still nice and cold.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Reworks

#12 Mugs

Safely remove the top from one of your favourite brews just strap on a handle, and you’re good to go.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit- Pinterest / Geo. Holroyd

#13 Shot Glasses

As long as you can manage to glue back those caps, you can get yourself those amazing tiny shot glasses for the special occasions.

DIY Ideas

Pic Credit-via Återbrukshyttan

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