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December 31, 2015

13 Bizarre National Days That You Must Celebrate In 2016

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Are you like me, who likes something to celebrate every day? If yes, there is good news for you. If you actually check out websites like nationaldaycalendar.com,  you’d know there’s something to celebrate every day. While some are really sweet and thoughtful, there are some which are plain bizarre. I found 13 national days that will just make you go ‘WTH’.

1. National Spouses Day – January 26
26th of Jan isn’t just the date when the Indian Constitution was formed, but it is National Spouses Day! Make sure you don’t forget to buy a gift for your partner.

2. National Clean Out Your Computer Day – February 8
Thinking of cleaning your computer but procrastinating? Get around to doing it this February. Still a couple of months to go!

3. Get a Different Name Day – February 13
Don’t like the name your parents gave you, but don’t want to change it legally because of paperwork hassles? Go on, give yourself a different name on February 13th.

4. National Public Sleeping Day – February 28
Thank god it doesn’t fall on a leap year. Phew!

5. Everything You Do Is Right Day – March 16
Don’t be shy of making mistakes on March 16th because no matter what you do, it is right! Don’t think your college or office follows the policy, so avoid shouting at your boss/teachers. That might be a problem.

6. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – March 26
Want to treat yourself with a holiday? Go ahead, make one up on March 26th.



7. Blah Blah Blah Day – April 17
Don’t procrastinate! Talk gibberish all you want, though.

8. National Leave the Office Early Day – June 2
Celebrate it on June 2nd by leaving the office early. Really, your boss won’t mind. We hope your boss won’t mind. :)

9. I Forgot Day – July 2
Forgot an anniversary or a birthday on July 2nd? You totally can because it is ‘I Forgot Day’.

10. Underwear Day – August 5th
Day to shed off clothes and roam around in your undergarments. Avoid leaving the house like that, though.

11. Be Late for Something Day – September 5
Dreading going to that meeting or party? September 5th is the day. But of course, if you’re an Indian, this is every day, isn’t it?

12. Shopping Reminder’s Day – November 25
We girls don’t need a reminder, but boys do!

13. Make Up Your Mind Day – December 31
Not sure whether to go for a New Year’s party or stay at home? Just make up your mind.

These were only 13, but there are many more out there. Don’t stop celebrating!

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