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November 4, 2015

13 Adorable Illustrations To Phrases You’ve Been Using All Your Life

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Keren Rosen

As a specie, human beings are prone to being complex individuals and groups. We’ve become so attuned to adding layers and complexities to every possible thing, that we almost fail to look at things simple, for just what they are. So it made for a delightful change when illustrator and designer Keren Rosen decided to spend some time illustrating idioms to depict what they literally mean. And you won’t believe how cute they are!

Take a look a for yourself:

(All images have been sourced from Keren Rosen’s Facebook page. Head there to check out more such joy!)





time flies


sleeping pills


saving time


roller coast


rocking chair


jam session






fast food


dancing shoes


broken heart


blind spot

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