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June 23, 2016

12 Unheard Life Hacks That Are Sure To Make You Live Smarter

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Life Hacks

Hello, little hacker, you! *evil grin* I see you’ve come here to gobble up all the life hacks that make your life a butter slide! The internet is replete with life hacks for every aspect of life. But alas, most of them have reached the point where the life hack just doesn’t work any longer.

Check out these amazing hacks you surely wouldn’t have heard of and see how tweaking a few little things can make your life so much easier and make you do stuff so much smarter:

#1 No need to make multiple mail IDs on different websites. SHOP AWAYYY!

Use different emails IDs for different shopping sites. Use only one email ID differently to take advantage of Refer and Earn (on Amazon) and First Time Order Offers on various websites without much hassle.
Example: Your ID is [email protected]
For Flipkart, use : [email protected]For Amazon, use: helloname+amazon @gmail.com

All these Email ID’s will share one inbox of the orginal gmail ID

Also you can know of  those sites selling their user database to other sites for spamming/marketing.

There is also a dot (.) trick in Gmail. You can put multiple dots in between the letters of your Email ID.

Example: Your ID is  [email protected] but you can use [email protected] or he.llo.name @gmail.com etc to create multiple emails from an existing single Email ID!

#2 How to find out if your remote batteries are dead.

If you’re doubtful that your remote isn’t working because of dead batteries, fret no more.
Open your smartphone camera, switch to the front-facing camera and point the remote towards the camera of your smartphone. Press any button on the remote control. If you don’t see the flicker from the remote, or perhaps just a very, very dim flicker, you probably need to change the remote’s batteries.
Alternatively, drop a battery from 6 inches off the ground. If they give one small bounce and fall over, they’re good. If they bounce around anymore, they’re dead or on their way out.

#3 For Movie Night

When booking movie or show tickets, if you’re not sure about a person’s participation, simply book tickets such that you end up leaving a seat’s gap between the seats being booked.
People generally do not prefer to watch movies alone and  there is a very high probability that the seat will remain vacant. So, in the event of change of plans, you can easily book your friend that empty seat you strategically left vacant.

#4 Booking a cab from Ola/ Uber when it isn’t available at your location.

Assuming the location where you want to call the cab is Place A, navigate around the map of the area and find the nearest location where the cab is available (say, Place B) and book it. When the cab reaches Place B cancel the booking and with another mobile phone, book a cab for your original location, i.e. Place A.
While it is unethical, it’s still useful when you need it.

#5 Freezing your movie seats for a while, so you can go make a quick comparison with other places.

Freeze your seats for a few minutes by giving the wrong VISA number. Websites generally keep the seats for around 10 – 15 minutes after a failed payment to avoid multiple bookings at peak time on the same seat. Use this time to decide which theatre to go to.

#6 STALKER ALERT! How to ensure you aren’t being stalked.

If you are suspicious of someone stalking you but you’re not sure, try yawning. If they are indeed watching you, they will most likely yawn as well because yawning is contagious.  Alternatively, you can also look at your watch and most likely, they will too.

#7 How to avoid getting an earful.

If you fear someone is going to bad mouth you or lash out at you, go sit next to them. It will make them extremely uncomfortable because no one is able to criticize someone who is right next to them.

#8 Access a Flashlight Easily.

Are you tired of having to unlock your phone/ swipe the notification bar to access your flashlight ? Make life easier by using the Power Button Flashlight App from Google Play Store which helps you control the flashlight through the power button and volume button directly.

#9 Avoid multiple registrations on multiple websites except where necessary.

Next time when you need to access content from a website but they require you to register but you’d rather not, just head to www.bugmenot.com and enter in the name of the website that you want to access and they will provide you with a valid username and password.

#10 WHERE ART THOU, CAR?!  Find your car in a busy parking lot.

The next time you’re stuck in a parking lot unable to find your car, put the car key remote close to your forehead and then press the key switch, this increases the range for the signal.

#11 Avoid being given a wrong number on purpose.

If you suspect someone’s giving you a wrong number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they don’t correct you, they most likely are giving you a wrong number.

#12 Find information faster for schoolwork

Instead of using www.google.com to search for information for school essays, start using www.scholar.google.com and you shall find more relevant information straight away.

Featured Image Source: www.bridgechurchfl.com

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