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March 9, 2017

12 Reasons Living Together With Your Partner Is A Great Idea

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Relationships have gone through a sea of change over the years. Gone are the days of our parents and grandparents when couples would spend time, distance and effort on building relationships. Consequently, most of those relationships would last but it’s 2017 now and it’s unimaginable for us to marry strangers so that is why living together comes across as a lovable idea!
This is the age where we’re all self-absorbed and career-focused, hell bent on trying to make something of ourselves. And while we still have room for love and relationships, our sense of space and pace is all over the place. Which is where living in with your partner comes in.
Romance aside, this is honestly a practical move once you figure out you actually like each other, and that neither of you are emotionally destroying the other, and could in fact be each other’s forever people. Take a look why.

#1 Pretty much any time can be quality time.

On an average, you’re spending 24 – (8+2) = 14 hours together. Which means even watching Game of Thrones together could be special. Or cooking a meal. Or having a water fight. The remaining 10 hours, you’re hopefully at work, or commuting or putting yourself to some good use.

Living Together-Fanpop


#2 Date nights and regular hangout nights are more or less the same. And it’s awesome.

Remember your first date with each other? And the next consecutive dates where you would fret over what type of dress to wear,  what kind of cologne to apply, which is better – A simple coffee or a romantic dinner? Well, all that unnecessary hassle becomes a thing of past once you live together.
Any hangout night could be date night and vice versa. Think about it.
You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are sitting in bed and watching a movie, munching chips = hangout night
You and your boyfriend/girlfriend are sitting in bed with soft linen and sexy underwear, sipping wine and ordering a 3 course meal = date night

Living Together-Date nights

#3 Your phone bills drop magnanimously.

With scum-of-the-earth telecom operators, this is a plus. You use your phone to browse the internet, and occasionally call your pals. Neither of which are too expensive if you’ve got a good data and voice plan. Both of which are smart.

Living Together-'Honey, have you seen the size of this phone bill.'

#4 You can do a lot of activities together.

This is actually a great learning process. There’s a ton of stuff you guys can do together, right from cooking or making an art piece, to going on long walks (for fitness purposes more than romantic) or lazing around in bed. You get a good sense of each other’s hobbies and interests, and even share them on occasion.
This is also great for the compromise aspect of relationships. Get him to prepare a bunch of snacks with you before you both pull on football jerseys and watch his favourite team clobber their rivals.

Living Together

Dharma Productions

#5 You, individually, save on rent. And living expenses. And pretty much any other expenses.

In a world that’s becoming more and more materialistic by the second, saving on basic expenses is a big blessing. By sharing all these, neither of you are as poor as you’d likely have been if you were staying alone. You get to be living together and save on money , does it get better?

Living Together-Living-Expenses

#6 There’s always someone waiting for you at home, who’s hopefully happy to see you.

While this sounds like ‘someone’ could be replaced by ‘puppy’ or ‘plaything’, it’s anything but. It’s a great feeling to come back to a home that’s got someone you care about in it. And it’s an equally great feeling to come home, and know that your significant other should be home soon too , counts as an adavantages of live-ins.

Living Together

#7  Sexy time can happen at the drop of a hat. Literally.

Cooking, showering, cleaning, fooling around, trying on new clothes, literally anything could lead to sexy time. And who doesn’t like sexy time? Living together makes it so easy for you to surprise him(her) with a delicious strip show.
PS: That was a rhetorical question. Everyone loves sexy time. Even people who claim they don’t like sexy time. They’re really just lying.

Living Together

Pic Credit-ABC

#8 You see each other for who you are. No room for pretenses.

There’s a solid difference between meeting on occasion and meeting, literally, all the time. The former gives you room for preparation and you’re able to filter out the crap that’s going on in your life to just focus on having a good time. But that flies out of the window the week you start staying together. You’re less capable of having control over your thoughts and emotions, and in the process, give your partner a solid, realistic dose of who you are.

Living Together

Pic Credit-Yash Raj Films

#9 You get a good sense of what married life, if that’s the plan, would look like.

Honestly, with a more individualistic world that’s getting more progressive (India not counted), the need to get married has given way to the desire to get married or not. No longer do two people need to get married. Whether they want to or not, is a different matter. Should you choose to get married (and believe you are ready for it), living together is a good indicator of what your life will be like.

Living Together-Popsugar

Pic Credit-Popsugar

#10 It’s not a major change if and when you do decide to get married.

There’s no major tsunami of change that occurs between living together and getting married. There’ll be changes, of course, but they’ll likely be milder in nature.Co habitation in India specifically is a necessity because of how trendy and scary arranged marriages are.

Living Together-Wedding

#11 There’s not much room for insecurity. #WhatARelief

By spending so much time together, you really see each other for who you are. And you get to know each other really well. Those couples who order for each other and finish each other’s sentences aren’t exactly trying to prove to you how much in love they are. They’re literally operating on habit.
Consequently, you’ll see signs if your partner has lost interest in you or is rumbling in the Bronx with another in an instant. It’s entirely a different matter whether you choose to let it register or not.

Living Together

Pic Credit-Warner Bros.

#12 You get to cuddle!

There is no better feeling in the world than hugging and snuggling, and staying together means you have a year-round-valid-pass to do just that whenever you want and that’s just because you guys are living together !
And while most guys hate cuddling, you could always play the compromise card – half an hour of cuddling for 20 minutes of sexy time.
You’re free to do the math.

Living Together-cuddle-buddies

Pic Credit-cuddle-buddies


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