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May 1, 2017

12 Quotes from Shah Rukh Khan’s Speech That Will Change The Way You Think

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From Yale to IIMs, Shah Rukh Khan has delivered his motivational speeches that have always managed to inspire the starry bunch of students from the graduating batches at these world famous institutions, but have also always struck a chord with the people worldwide.

As much as he is famous as a Bollywood actor, he is also looked up to as a role model by the younger generations throughout the world.

Continuing this tradition, he recently spoke as the chief guest at Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, to the graduating batch of this year and shared with them the importance of school and college years. He, in his speech, used references from his childhood, the gifts that his father gave him every year for his birthday, the sentiments and the lessons he learned from those gifts and the experiences that he gained that taught him all that he knows now and how he too is, like any other parent, someone who has bulk of regrets that are from having done what they wished to do.

Here we bring to you the highlight quotes from his 20 minute speech!

#1 On Being Yourself

Inner Voice

#2 On Moving Forward In Life

Move Forward

#3 On Taking Blessings For Granted


#4 On Facing Difficult Situations

Don't Panic

#5 On Ensuring Your Success


#6 On Doing Your Work The Right Way

First and The Last Job

#7 On Imperfections and Brokenness

Greatest Creativity

#8 On Expressing Your Creativity

Truthful Creativity

#9 On Befriending Your Inner Creativity


#10 On Having A Sense Of Humour

Learn To Laugh

#11 On Having Grace


#12 On Feeling Superior

The Other Person

Words like these not only inspire us but give us a different perspective on everything; words that have always been mere words start to sound meaningful and become important. It is true, that these nuggets of wisdom that are shared at this hour in life stay with us and help us in some way.

Shah Rukh Khan has yet again proved that the world loves him and admires him for all the right reasons. No wonder he is the King of Bollywood.

To be able to experience these words yourself with a greater impact, and to enjoy the lessons smartly layered with humor, here’s the entire speech in a video.  Have Fun! :)

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