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October 21, 2015

11 Tremendously Wacky Inspirations For Your Beard

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Unusual beard styles: Death by Beard

The World Beard and Moustache Championship recently took place in Leogang, Austria. In the frankly brilliant concept, men are judged across 3 brackets of facial hair – a moustache, a partial beard and a full beard. Each bracket is further split into individual categories, normally resulting in 17 in total.

Since 1990, here are some of the wackiest but amazing beards we found!

#1 Scenic Beard

Elmar Weisser has won moustache cup three times!

#2 Who needs a bow tie when you have a beard?

Isaiah Webb, also known as Mr. Incredibeard actually has an incredible beard. Check him out on Instagram @incredibeard

#3 Weaved Beard

#4 Macrame?

#5 Daniel Lawlor

#6 Armin Bielefeldt

#7 Justin Kellermeister

#8 James Lewis

#9 Kevin Riordan

#10 Matthew Rainwaters

#11 Merry Christmas!

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