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March 29, 2017

11 Top Adventure Trips in the world for every adventure traveler

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What is adventure??

A task never did before and includes risk factors whose thoughts alone are enough to pump an adrenaline rush in your body and boost up the confidence obscured by the fear.

So, Are you an Adventure freak?

Then these places are a must visit to get an experience and memories for life!!And not only this but you could also boast about it forever.

All the adventure travelers, get ready to go on a trip and be ready to explore an adventurous life.

#1 Skydiving in Spain

Do you ever want that you should jump from a height and yet land safely on land? Then this adventure is made for you.

adventure trips - skydivingspain


#2 Ride on the world’s highest motorable road

Hire a bike and head towards Khardung- La pass for an amazing ride. And yes don’t forget to take a picture there!!

adventure trips - Khardungla Pass


#3 River Rafting in Rishikesh

Get ready for a thrilling experience will you shafting your own boat while you pass the Laxman Jhula on the clean waters of the River, Ganga in Rishikesh. Rafting here is probably the best experience one could get along with seeing various temples.

adventure trips - river rafting


#4 Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Falling from a height, isn’t a breath- taking experience? Of course, it is!! What a better place to do then New Zealand!!

adventure trips - bungy jumping in newzeland


#5 Scuba diving in Andaman

If you ever wished to get clicked close to a fish or any aquatic animal, then scuba diving is what you should head for, and what better place than Andaman.

adventure trips - scuba diving


#6 Micro Light Flying in South Africa

Wish to fly a plane?? Then why not try microlight flying? This awesome experience would leave you mesmerized. You could see almost everything from a height!!

adventure trips - Microlight flying


#7 Swim in the largest pool in Chile

Ever heard the name San Alfonso Del Mar? Yes, it is the place where you would find the largest pool in the world. if you are in Chile then you definitely cannot afford to miss this miracle.

adventure trips - swim in largest pool


#8 Skywalk at the skyscrapers in Dubai

If you are not afraid of heights, then skywalk is a must try. Walking on a height is altogether a different experience!!

adventure trips - skywalk


#9 Bobsledding in British Columbia

Wish to feel the force of 3Gs? Then visit this place and get into a cockpit which would reach a speed of 145km per hour. The one you won’t ever get over it!

adventure trips - Bobsledding


#10 Rollercoaster ride in the United States of America

You would probably find the best rollercoaster rides in the States. They would leave you breathless for some time and you would have memories to cherish for life.

adventure trips - rollercoaster ride


#11 Kayaking and Camping in Sweden

West of Sweden provides some of the best spots to do kayaking in the world. you would get your own map here, which would leave you to camp every day on an island.

adventure trips - kayaking and camping


These were some of the top and best adventure trips from around the world. Add them all to your bucket list. Leave a comment below and tell us if we have missed any adventure trips :)

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