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March 15, 2017

11 Secrets The Staff In Hotels Will Die Trying To Protect

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Hotel Secrets

When you’re traveling, staying in a hotel seems like a perfectly safe bet for a comfortable night’s stay. Things are laid out for you, the bed looks really comfortable, and the bathroom looks clean. Nice!

But if you look a little deeper, that’s rarely the case. Because, at the end of the day, a hotel is just another business where time is money. And you’ll be amazed to know that there’s an entire closet of secrets hotel staff will die trying to protect!

Take a look at 11 of these.

1. Bed linen is not usually washed, if it looks clean.

Dirty Linen


To be honest, the duvet is not really to be slept on. So as long as it looks neat and crisp, it’s not sent for a wash every time a guest changes. On most occasions, dirty and suspicious stains are just removed with damp cloth.


2. Neither are your towels for that matter

Dirty Towel


The only way to ensure you get a fresh-fresh set of towels is if you dump them on floor or in the tub.


3. Wash those glasses before you drink from them.

Dirty glasses


Glasses in your room are just treated with a customary rinse-and-wipe before being replaced on the tray in your room. Many members of hotel staff have admitted to just rinsing glasses in the bathroom sink and just wiping them with a soiled pillow-case or sheet.


4. Look out for traces of stains on all your furniture.

Dirty Furniture


Most stains and marks on upholstery are just wiped off with a damp cloth. Know that many people like to hang around in their rooms naked, so be careful what you sit on.


5. Frozen food is pretty common.

Frozen food


That lasagna you ordered after reading the menu from cover to cover? Yeah, well that came as soon as it did because it was holed up in a freezer.


6. They probably spent only 10-15 minutes cleaning your room.

Cleaning staff


Most hotels have more than just 30 rooms. So if the staff was to clean it inch by inch, it would probably take all week to get the place squeaky clean. And nobody’s got that luxury. Chances are your room’s just been cleaned in 15 minutes, with everything just being dusted or wiped on the surface. Need proof? Try looking under the rugs or the bathtub!


7. What you own can and will be used against you.

Cleaning staff


The housekeeping staff spend a fair bit of time analyzing what you leave lying around your room. Rest assured that you’re a prime topic of hotel gossip if you’ve got scandalous stuff on display.


8. That smile is not genuine.

Hotel staff


Hotel staff are paid to make sure your stay is memorable. Do to others as you would have them do to you. One guy I know was so frustrated with a guest he spat in his coffee.


9. All rooms are not the same.

Maldives Hotel Room


There is ALWAYS at least one that’s better! Despite what the front desk will tell you about all rooms on a floor being identical, they’re not. There’s always a corner room that has a little more space or has a better view.


10. If the waiter recommended it, it probably costs the earth.

Staff Recommends


If you ask the steward for a recommendation, chances are he’s going to suggest something that’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Really burns when you know it’s just being taken out of the freezer, right?


11. Generous tipping will take you far in life.



Like I said, the staff is paid to be nice to you. Tip those are your service generously, and chances are they’ll make sure you get your due.




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