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May 3, 2017

11 Quotes by Severus Snape That Make Us Miss Him

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JK Rowling apologized for killing Severus Snape

Yesterday was 2nd May. No Harry Potter fan will forget this date.

You ask what happened on 2nd May? 2nd May was the day when it all finally ended. Harry Potter triumphed over Voldemort. The Wizarding World lost many old and young witches and wizards. None of them were as shocking as the big reveal of Snape being a good guy all along. Hence, it was not surprising to find J.K. Rowling apologizing for killing Snape, through a tweet yesterday.

People have always been divided into camps over Severus Snape; some convinced that he is a true hero, while others hate him to the core. You can hate him, you can love him, but you can’t ignore the fact that Severus Snape is one of the most important characters from Harry Potter and we do miss him.

Here’s a collection of 11 quotes by Severus Snape that make us miss him. Which one is your favorite?

Severus Snape quote

Severus Snape quote from class

Severus Snape quote on Harry Potter

Severus Snape quote in class

Severus Snape quote with Umbridge

Severus Snape quote on mind

Severus Snape quote on James Potter

Severus Snape quote on life

Severus Snape quote about the half blood prince

Severus Snape quote on teaching in class

Severus Snape quote on love

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