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November 17, 2016

11 Political Satire Cartoons by Sudhir Tailang

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Sudhir Tailang Cartoons: Butcher

Cartoonists are an endangered species that are not extinct yet. But I am hoping the art of cartooning will come back to life someday.” – Sudhir Tailang

Sudhir Tailang was born in Bikaner and as a child was awestruck by comics like Phantom, Blondie as well as Tintin. He found out that he could draw very well at the age of 5 years. His first cartoon was published when he was 10 years in 1970. Sudhir dreamt of  becoming a cinema gatekeeper. He wanted this job as he thought that he could watch four movies freely and get a salary as a bonus. But fortune had something else in store for him and he became the famous cartoonist and was awarded the Padma Shri. Cartoonist Sudhir Tailang, with three decades of politics cartooning, did not spare anyone from his satires. He breathed his last at the age of 55 on Feb 6th 2015.

In the year 1982, after he completed his Masters in English he joined The Illustrated Weekly of India. In the year 1983, he connected with Navbharat Times in Delhi. After working for several years with Hindustan Times, Indian Express and The Times of India his last leg of work was for Asian Age. In the year 2009 he published a book of cartoons titled “No, Prime Minister.” Politicians were his critics as well as his greatest fans and they always followed his cartoons closely.

These 11 Sudhir Tailang Cartoons are some of his best works. To enjoy his complete work, buy No, Prime Minister from Amazon.

#1 New CM

This political cartoon by Sudhir Tailang best depicts the situation that prevails during natural calamities. People are made to wait for hours together with the pains of hunger to receive food during crisis but they receive a new CM within seconds in case of emergency.


#2 Polluted Delhi

The devastating environmental conditions in Delhi are best portrayed in this particular cartoon. Delhi, the sixth-most populated metropolis in the world (second largest if the entire NCR is included), is one of the most heavily polluted cities in India, having for instance one of the country’s highest volumes of particulate matter pollution.In May 2014 the World Health Organisation announced New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world.


#3 Corruption

One word that is always used to best explain the politics in India is Corruption. This cartoon is a political humor that throws light on forms of corruption vary, which include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, and embezzlement.


#4 Scared Of Ministers

Lol!! Sudhir Tailang has boldly mentioned that ministers are not here to protect the public but public needs protection from horrific deeds of ministers.

sudhir tailang

#5 Tweets

Another innovative political satire from the stokes of Sudhir Tailang’s pen that picturise the situation in India.

sudhir tailang

#6 Addressing The Issue

Politicians focus on various factors while taking a decision and the last thing that gains attention is the main issue that needs to be addressed. So here is a cartoon showing it perfectly.

sudhir tailang

#7 Parivartanasana

Fifteen minutes of restorative yoga can educe your stress. This picture shows the stressful situation prevalent on 26 November due to the chaos created.

sudhir tailang

#8 Pressure

Sudhir Tailang aims at the pressure on political figures, Atal Bihari Vajpayee being targeted here.

sudhir tailang

#9 National Beast

This cartoon is a humorous way to show the monstrous and beastly behavior of ministers.

sudhir tailang

#10 Manifesto

What not goes into the Manifesto before elections!! But the reality is out in a span of few months when nothing of that sort goes towards implementation. The people’s frustration is beautifully put by Sudhir Tailang.

sudhir tailang

#11 Butcher

The fierce and abusive arguments shared between opposing political figures has become a part of everyday episode of Indian Politics.

sudhir tailang

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