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September 15, 2016

11 Kitchen Secrets for Smart Home- Chefs

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At some point or the other, we become attracted to that part of our house from where the food supply comes. With age when we start exploring various places and their varied dishes, we do feel to make that special dish by ourselves. But here comes the big mystery when we enter our kitchen, how to handle so many things and even make our cooking perfect and different than others. So here are some kitchen secrets which will need to make your cooking perfect and be the smart home – chef:

#11 We all love having delicious lemon juice during the summer season, but what when there is a price hike of the lemons! God all our wishes go into vain… but now you don’t need to worry at all. Squeeze in the lemon juice, strain and refrigerate the extract in a glass bottle with some salt in it and enjoy our lemon throughout the summer.


#10 What about the yummy pasta! There is always a time limit mentioned in the pack. Cook the pasta a minute or two less as mentioned to stay away from the sticky texture. Cook the rest of the pasta with sauce.


#9  For soft and easily chewable kebabs, marinate them for a longer time and try to avoid over cooking.

#8 Enough of chemical mixtures being used. For gravy, instead of using vinegar for sweet and salty flavour, use dry mint leaves. Crush them and mix them well in half cooked gravy.


#7 Have a problem in digestion add pinch of hing while cooking lentils. It will not only aid in digestion but also add flavour.

#6 To get the natural green colour of the leafy vegetables even after its being cooked, avoid covering it while cooking and never overcook.


#5 Tired of your sticky rice? Try cooking it in water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. This will give your rice a light flavour along with nice white colour.


#4 Paneer has a lot of calories when you fry it in oil. To opt for a healthier method, cook it in boiling water to get the soft spongy effect and save a lot of calories.

#3 When you are frying onions for biriyani or any other dish, add a pinch of sugar in it so that it will become brown faster and will become crispy.

#2 Did you know storing mushrooms in paper bags rather than in plastic stops them from becoming ‘slimy’ and even prolongs their life.


#1 You must have noticed apples becoming brown in colour after being cut. To keep them fresh apply a bit of lemon juice on the cut surface.

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