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October 9, 2015

11 WTF Pieces Of Furniture You've Got To Be A Little Crazy To Want

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Coat Rack made from Doll Hands

Thinking of re-doing your living room and want to add a touch of uniqueness? Because we found some outrageously unique stuff while we were browsing. These pieces are fascinating, but let’s be honest – they’re a little weird. But hey, you can always get inspired, right? Take a look!

1. This set of Butt Lamps
If you’re all up for individuality, and want your personal space to reflect your mood, the butt lamp solves two purposes. First, there’s no need to place dibs on who switches on or off the lights. Second, there are 10 lights of different colors to reflect the variety in your moods.

2. This yummy hamburger bed
If you’re quirky and you’re in love with hamburgers, this is quite a sweet option for your den. Also, there is the slight possibility that this is a dream come true.

3. This sofa-shelf
What are the odds, right? One comfy sofa, and all your favorite books surrounding it! This is an ideal piece of furniture for a bookworm, who can spend days and nights curled up, buried in a book. All you need now is a little coffee table close by.

4. This sofa set made of grass
For the nature lover in you, this is perfect for a little garden veranda. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable this is!

5. I don’t even know what to call this
This is a bit too far, but hey, the world is filled with strange people. And that’s what makes it beautiful.

6. This bloody dining table
A little too avant-garde, but this table reminded me of Alice in Wonderland when the whole town was dripping in paint!

7. These rock pillows
It’s cold outside, and you just want to hit Goa but you know you can’t, because you have work tomorrow. Well this is just what you need. They’re cute, and they’re soft, and very soon, you’re going to buried in rock pillows, watching your favorite movie.

8. WTF
Creepy AF, but this rack’s a goldmine if you’re a horror movie buff.

9. These OCD-Scrub-Brush-Stools
I can’t get over how cute these are! The perfect way to make sure your guests know you’re a neat-freak.

10. *Insert expletive here*
On second thoughts, that wall rack looked kinda cute. You’ve got be nuts if you can relax and unwind in this.

11. This sink-less sink
Possibly the sanest design on this!

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