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May 12, 2016

11 Dumb Facebook Status Messages That Will Make You *facepalm*

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11 Dumb Facebook Status Messages That Will Make You *facepalm

Ever came across a message or status on facebook that wanted you to burn your eyes? When your day starts by reading a Facebook status like “Mark Tulle feeling alone with Ashking and 99 others”, it feels like a welcome to the world of doomed humanity. These status messages often make you wonder, “are we so desperate to get attention?” But these status messages will not only crack you up but will also make you *facepalm*. Here are 11 Dumb Facebook Status Messages That Will Make You *facepalm*. Go thru these status and you wont ever feel dumb enough in your entire life.

#1 Girl, did you fail in geography?

Some one should make her redo the class first!! or what should i say just redo your life..


#2 Can somebody please help this person?

A farmville gift for sleeping with your friend’s girl?? man you got some serious life issues or logic issues.


#3 Maybe even unicorns are real and one of them wants to kill you RIGHT NOW!

Human get your head into right place and your eyes into some books..


#4 You should seriously never tell your problems to others.

Problem?? Son you got some maths problem.


#5 Yeah, the cyclist totally rocked on the moon with steroids.

oh yeaaa!! we only have one Armstrong who did it all.


#6 Maybe they exist to educate brainiacs like you. 

School is a life line for people like you.


#7 Your dumbness is making you stand out of the crowd!

Your estimation is making you stand out.


#8 Get a life, Girl!

Go get it Noah!


#9 Errr?

dud!! common sense…


#10 The Most Wanted dumb person.

Damn true! Now your are wanted!


#11 Do you also have your own make-belief world?



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