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February 5, 2017

11 Desi Superheroes We Seem to Forget

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Every generation has a childhood memory to cherish. In 90s the video game arcades were extremely popular while in recent years smartphone apps like Talking Tom is keeping children busy. But one love that has passed from generation to generation is love for superheroes. Over the years, the term superhero has become synonymous with Batman, Superman or Spiderman. We forget to count our own desi superheroes. And if you thought, India did not have its original superheroes then you are mistaken.

These 11 desi superheroes need that limelight.

#11 Karma

The credit for Karma’s inception belongs to Subodh Chopra. The show was about an enigmatic superhero who fought evil. The show was first aired on STAR plus in 2004. Karma was blessed with the power of seven stars with each star granting a different power. Some of the powers were super speed, x-ray vision and ability to climb walls.

#10 Junior G

Junior G had a huge impact when it was first aired on Doordarshan in 2000. With a well-defined origin story and a prominent villain in the character called Fyumancho, Junior G provided the young Doordarshan viewers the break they needed from everyday kid’s shows.

#9 Tiranga

Our desi Captain America was introduced by Raj Comics. Tiranga wears a tri-colored attire and uses a shield to protect the innocents. He has no super powers but he has a very sharp mind and is adept at deducing the next moves of his enemies. Patriotism oozes through every Tiranga issue and they are worth a read.

He is one of the members of the Brahmand Rakshak team.

#8 Krrish

Jaadu may have left but he gave Rohit powers. Rohit’s son, Krrish, is a superhero with super power.

#7 Parmanu

Parmanu is a superhero with a horrific past where he had to witness the murder of his classmate and in the head-hunt for the murderer he lost some of his family members.

Vinay an average Indian kid who vows to avenge the murder of his classmate is helped in his quest by his uncle (who is a scientist) who provides him with a suit that gives him the super powers. The suit helps Parmanu fly at great speed and reduce his size.

He is also a member of the Brahmand Rakshak team.

#6 Doga

Brainchild of Sanjay Gupta, Doga is a vigilante in the city of Mumbai who believes in no mercy for criminals. His code is simple, criminals must pay for their sins. Doga has no special powers as such but he can interact with dogs telepathically who help him find his enemies. He uses a wide arsenal of guns and explosives to combat his enemies and he is also quite well built to take on enemies of any size.

He is also a member of the Brahmand Rakshak team.

#5 Nagraj

One of the first superheroes who came into existence in the Indian comics industry. He is also one of the most famous and powerful superheroes.

As the name suggests; Nagraj is the king of snakes. He can release countless number of snakes from inside his body and can also decimate enemies with his Vish Funkaar (Poison breath) and Vish Dansh (Posison bite). He can also communicate with any snake through telepathy.

#4 Bhokal

Bhokal is an ancient warrior who descended from the heavens to fight the forces of evil in a place       called Vikasnagar. Bhokal is also a master swordsman. He summons Bhokal Shakti by chanting the name of his mentor. Bhokal Shakti grants him super-human strength and his master’s sword which can be used to emit fire as well.

Bhokal comics had a lot of action and blood which kept the comic lovers glued to the Bhokal issues.

#3 Angkara



Angkara was introduced by Tulsi comics (rival of Raj Comics).

The concept behind Angkara is what makes this superhero unique and fascinating. Angkara’s body parts were made from those of animals yet he looked completely human. For example, his skin was made of rhino hide which was impenetrable. He had the strength of a gorilla and the best of various other animals. He was hailed as the savior of wildlife.

#2 Baalveer

Sab TV’s Baalveer is very popular with kids. Baalveer is a superhero who lives a normal life. The story revolves around his friends Manav and Meher who summon him when they are troubled by evil fairies. Baalveer also protects fairy world.

#1 Shaktimaan

Our list is incomplete without Shaktimaan. From Bhishma Pitamah to Shaktimaan, Shaktimaan helped shape Mukesh Khanna’s career. The series used to air on Doordarshan network and made its debut in 1997. Shaktimaan has several super human powers which were bestowed upon him by the seven chakras which he attained through meditation. The show’s title track was catchy as well.

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