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May 2, 2016

10 Words That Express Emotions Better than We Could

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At a given point of time, we are either happy, sad, excited or maybe astonished. Throughout the day, we experience plethora of emotions. But unlike the usual emotions we feel, there are some which cannot be summed up or might have a name we’re not familiar with. These emotions might also make us feel alone or disconnected with the outside world, what we need to understand is that we aren’t the only ones experiencing it. Also, we must remember that it’s normal to not feel normal at times.

#1 Sonder
Often, while walking on the streets, we witness faces, faces that lead lives parallel to ours. A feeling that each onlooker is living a life as vibrant and convoluted as our own.

#2 Opia
Ever felt so fascinated by a face that it makes you look at them right in the eye? The feeling of not being attracted but amused by their existence. Opia is the vague force of looking someone in the eye which feels invasive and vulnerable.

#3 Monachopsis
There at times when we feel at a place we don’t belong, times when we feel that the parameters of the society don’t match ours. Monachopsis in that very essence of feeling out of place.

#4 Waldosia
Searching for a special someone? Being on the lookout of a person or situation? Waldosia is that feeling of being on a hunt of a that describes at scanning crowded faces in search of someone particular.

#5 Vellichor
People are often addicted to many things, whether caffeine, drugs, or alcohol. Out there also exist people who are addicted to books. Vellichor describes it as an emotion of that strange wistfulness of used bookshops.

#6 Rubatosis
There at times when we feel so anxious that we aren’t even aware of our pounding pulse. Rubatosis is that unsettling awareness of our own heartbeat.

 #7 Kenopsia
Ever visited a barren land? Where once life dwelled, kids ran, people gathered and enjoyed? But that once was years ago and now it’s just a piece of wasteful earth? Kenopsia is that eerie atmosphere of place that is now abandoned.

 #8 Jouska

There are times when one has to introspect, be with oneself and know where we are leading, Jouska a form of hypothetical conversation that one has with oneself.

 #9 Anecdoche
Anechdoche, is when all the people that have gathered are conversing but none of them is really listening. Listening is as important as speaking.

 #10 Exulansis
There are moments in life, when we are low and and tend to reside in our ourself, times when we prefer staying disconnect because we feel the outside world wont understand our situation or maybe judge us for who we are. That very feeling is called exulansis.

Featured Image Source: http://r-ubatosis.tumblr.com

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