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July 6, 2016

10 Times Birthday Boy “Rambo” Swooned Us With His Outlandish Dressing!

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Guess who’s the birthday boy sweeping the girls off of their feet with charm, good looks, and talent? It’s Ranveer Singh you guys, the man who has won millions of hearts as Ram In ‘Ramleela’ and Bajirao in ‘Bajirao Mastani’. He is not only an amazing actor, he’s the star with the *quirkiest* sense of dressing. His style is insane and amazing at the same time. Is there anything that he cannot look amazing in? We don’t think so! Here is a list of times he proved how insanely awesome he is with his unusual dressing:

#1 King of DKDC [Don’t Know, Don’t Care]

The time when he decided to wear a muppet-printed pajamas with a white printed t-shirt and Sylvester the Cat slipper with a house coat on GQ Best-Dressed Men Award, 2015. Our eyebrows rose a few inches on our forehead seeing this quirky avatar of him.

#2 Our Knight in Shining Skirt

Who can forget this one?! Ranveer wore a skirt in the promotion of Bajirao-Mastani and looked nothing less than the hottest man alive in India! He definitely rocked the skirt like his beautiful girlfriend does. *wink wink*

#3 Flower Power!

Here he proves men and women are equal in every way. Not only women but men can look awesome in the cute floral prints.

#4 Disney Prince For Life

Our jaw hit the floor really hard when we saw how cute Ranveer is looking in this oh-so-adorable Micky Mouse printed shirt and bow tie. A special shout out for his perfect mustache.

#5 Less Xs, More Os

He knows it really well, a lot of women want to shower him with kisses. Sorry ladies, only Deepika has the right to do that.

#6 Willy Wonka of Bollywood

And this time, when he made us spellbound with his ‘The Gentleman In A Crazy Red Suit’ avatar. No one does crazy this well.

#7 Nerd Alert!

If it was anyone but Ranveer, the fashion police would have given it a big *NO* for sure. But, thankfully it was him, and none can pull suits with bold pattern better than the ‘Lootera’ actor.

#8 Ram Se Rambo

Don’t forget this time when he dresses in Indo-Western to promote Ram Leela. With that perfect mustache, he nailed the look with lots of swag.

#9 Pink & Proud

Even his Airport fashion is out of the box.

#10 Mr. Psychedelic Singh

And we have no words to describe this crazy dressing, only Ranveer can pull it and impress the women who are already going gaga over his offbeat persona.

Happy birthday Ranveer Singh! Keep rocking, keep shocking! 😀

Featured Image Source: twitter.com

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