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July 31, 2016

10 Things You Never Knew Had A Name!

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“A girl has no name.”

Well, these things definitely do!

We take so many things in our life for granted. We wake up, do a million things in one day and fall back to sleep. We use so many things in our daily life but what we probably never knew or even wondered that every single thing that we use or face actually has a name(!) Here is a list of ten things which you would be shocked to know actually have a name.
#1 Aglet

The plastic coating on the shoelace.

#2  Petrichor

The smell right after it has rained.

#3 Glabella

The space between your eyebrows.

#4 Box tent

The tiny table on top of your pizza inside the pizza box.

#5 Collywobbles

The butterflies in your stomach.

#6 Phloem Bundles

The long stringy things you see after peeling a banana.

#7 Octothorpe

The # button on the telephone dial.

#8 Mondegreen

Misheard song lyrics.

#9 Scurryfunge

The time you frantically clean before company shows up.

#10 Crapulence

The feeling you get after eating or drinking too much.

Featured Image Source: www.quickmeme.com

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