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May 27, 2016

10 Most Under-rated Animated Movies

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An Animated movies lover has seen and admired the likes of Shrek, Ice Age, The Incredibles and the countless amazing movies in the genre, but there are some animated movies that deserve the same lime light as these movies but for some reason or the other they never managed to generate the hype they deserved.

This is a list of the most underrated animated movies of all time. It is to be noted that the list does not include Anime movies, movies based on Mangas and movies that were a spin-off from a series.

#10 The Road to El-Dorado
This adventure movie has some elements of a musical and an amazing plot that would keep you fully entertained for the 90 minutes of it’s duration.This is one of the few Dreamworks films that failed to generate hype but nevertheless this treasure hunt animated movie is definitely worth a watch.

#9 The secret of N.I.M.H
This movie is unheard among the masses but The Secret of NIMH is an absolute gem of a movie made by Don Bluth who was an animator with Disney but left the company to pursue his dream of making his own animation company. This movie follows the adventures of Mrs. Brisby a widowed mouse who must strive to conquer the challenges she and her family must face.

#8 The Aristocats
This was the last Disney feature film to be approved by Walt Disney himself. This movie about felines in a wealthy family has been continuously over shadowed by The Dalmatians franchise in modern times. But the adventures of these cats as they try to evade the traps laid by the butler named Edgar is quite an entertainment package.

#7 The prince of Egypt
This is one of the most criminally underrated movies about the life of Moses. The prince of Egypt is similar in genre to The Road to El-Dorado but this movie’s reception was much bigger and better than those of it’s competitors. Though this was the highest grossing non Disney movies of the late 90s and the subject of some controversies, the lack of hype surrounding this amazing movie is quite unbelievable.

#6 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
With stunning visuals and an amazing story, it is highly surprising that this is one of the more unknown Disney productions of the 21st century. Atlantis: The Lost Empire has everything from outstanding animation to a gripping story and not to mention Kida, a Disney princesses unlike any other. Kida is more of a warrior than a princess.

#5 When the wind blows
This unique British animated movie is about how an elderly couple deal with a post apocalyptic world. When a nuclear missile strikes England this elderly couple survive due to the husband: James Bloggs’ precautionary actions and they must now strive to live on in the harsh nuclear conditions.

#4 Coraline
This is the best movie in the animated stop-motion category and it is nearly criminal that this animated thriller’s quality is under appreciated. This movie follows 11-year old Coraline as she finds an alternate world behind a secret door in her new home, but something much sinister is hidden in that world.

#3 Persepolis
This French-Iranian-American movie is an animated masterpiece about the challenges faced by a young girl in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. Though the movie was nominated for an Oscar (Lost out to Ratatouille) the movie never really garnered the appreciation it deserved from the general public.

#2 Rescuers down under
One of the more unknown movies of Disney’s 80’s and 90’s revival period , this movie failed to generate the impact like The little mermaid and Alladin. But this movie captures the adventures of Bernard and Bianca in the Australian outback brilliantly and some sequences are shown so beautifully that one could never forget them.

#1 The Black Cauldron
If you’re an animated movie lover and are yet to see this awesome movie, you should drop everything and go watch it right now. Set in the mythical land of Prydain ,the pig keeper named Taran must stop the evil Horned King from acquiring the black cauldron.This film’s story and the way the story is told is what makes it a an absolute must watch.

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