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February 23, 2017

10 Pahari Dishes From Himachal Pradesh You Must Try

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Pahari Dishes

Indian Cuisines are the most authentic, ancient and diverse amalgamation of culinary heritage, taste of amazing herbs and spices and matches perfect contentment. In modern times, Indian food has flowered into International cuisines, Indianizing the International food. Himachal Pradesh is *blessed* with exotic nature and so is the exquisite ‘Pahari’ Cuisine with flavor and aromas of Tibet and Punjab. Food in Himachal Pradesh has a strong influence from Central Asia and is influenced by the civilizations found abode in Himalayas. The cuisines of Himachal have simplistic categorization, with use of simple ingredients, spices and flavored punch. The luscious dishes fascinate and compliment the beauty of state. Here is a list of pahari dishes that will make you believe that less known Himachali food is the “feast for kings”:

#1 Siddu

Siddu is one of the most loved pahari dishes in India. Siddu dough is yeast based and its batter is prepared few hours before making them. They are steamed using a steamer and are stuffed with various fillers like mixture of crushed white poppy seeds and jaggery and also with pulses. It is served with lots of ghee on special occasions. The variety in this dish is excellent and binds up the tradition of paharis that is untouched by modern influences.



#2 Madra

Drizzled with lots of ghee, Madra is made with boiled chickpeas and is cooked with yogurt that imparts a unique and luscious flavor that will splutter in your mouth for ages. Madra is prepared with lots of spices and is an integral part of Himachali weddings and festivals.



#3 Patande

Made out of wheat flour, Patande is generally a sumptuous breakfast with flair. They are either sweet or salty with flavors of added spices. This traditional food of Himachal Pradesh is served with ghee and honey during festivals.



#4 Pateed

It is one of the unusual pahari dishes made out of leaves of taro root mixed with gram flour. It is steamed in a steamer like dumplings and is then served by a stir or deep frying and has a distinguishable taste.



#5 Indre

Indre are like south Indian idli cooked always in winters. They are made out of brown lentils (kulath) and are flavored with salt and chilly. Nowadays they are stuffed with potatoes and taro roots and are often given alight taste.



#6 Mahni

Mahni is a sweet and equally sour dish made of black gram and is traditionally the most important part of Himachali cuisine. Cooked over a low flame, the flavor of Mahni varies within the states. It is either sour or a mixture of sweet and sour taste. Sweetness is maintained by adding jaggery and the sour flavors are obtained because of mango or pomegranate powder.



#7 Palda

Palda is the most famous food of Himachal Pradesh. Made out of buttermilk or yogurt, it has a raw taste that will delight you at any time of the day. Easy to cook, one may add boiled potato, cauliflower, or arum roots. It is the easiest and most loved of all the pahari dishes in India.



#8 Chacha

Similar to salsa, Chacha is accompanied with a meal and is made out of raw or ripe mango. It is sour in taste with a blend of spices. Chacha has a tinge of sweetness and saltiness with a flavor to charm your taste.



#9 Aktori

Aktori is a typical Himachali food. It is a type of a cake that is made of buckwheat mixed with normal wheat and is served in special festivities. It is considered to have been originated from Lahaull and Spiti valley but is relished all over Himachal.



#10 Meetha Bhat

Rice is known as bhat in Himachal. Meetha bhat is the most famous and easy to cook pahari dessert. Garnished with dry fruits it is flavored with cardamom and saffron.

meetha bhat


These were some of the authentic Pahari dishes, handpicked from the Pahari’s glorious kitchen that is famous among the tourists as well. Steamed dumplings and noodles are enjoyed much by the local people along with the traditional food. The dishes are generally prepared in wheat flour, rice, ghee, butter, milk, etc. which are savored with different spices. Himachali food has the aroma and flavors that will impact your taste buds for a lifetime.

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